William L Mills M.D.

Back, Neck, Spine
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OrthoSC - Conway
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Back Reviews

“Dr. Mills is as excellent as always.”
– Jenelle W.
“Dr. Mills has been professional, personal, and concerned with my spinal situation.”
– John H.
“I'm a 69-year-old male, and I had been experiencing pain in the back of my legs, hips, and buttocks that were affecting my ability to walk for long durations, and I was beginning to walk hunched over. I asked Dr. Gayton if I could see someone at OrthoSC. He suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Mills, who after a thorough evaluation, diagnosed me with spinal stenosis and described treatment options, I first decided to try an epidural injection, which only gave relief for a couple of days. I then decided to have TLIF surgery at CMC. I was released after two nights in the hospital. The first week I was walking with a little pain from the surgery, and in my legs, I was second-guessing my decision opting for surgery but did not want to bear the pain forever. It has been three weeks now, and I couldn't be happier; the pain is gone, and l can walk upright. Thank you, Dr. Mills and Staff, at OrthoSC and CMC you are all the best, and I hold you all in high regard, and I can't thank you enough.”
– Theodore D.
“Dr. Mills is great physician & surgeon & has a great bedside manner. He always spends time with his patients & he’s done three of my four spinal surgeries. Now after I have had my most recent surgery the numbness & pain down my legs has gone away. I'm still in recovery, but I highly recommend Dr. Mills as physician & I will continue to have him care for my cervical & lumbar needs. Thank you for my care!”
– Brian M.
“Dr Mills is the man! His expertise is second to none. The operation was a resounding success fixing the issue with a low level of residual pain and discomfort. I fully expect to be ready for life in 6 weeks. I highly recommend this skilled surgeon to all who see this.”
– Mark R.
“Everything was perfect with Dr. Mills.”
– Robert T.
“Excellent initial visit.”
– David A.
“The staff is friendly and welcoming. Dr. Mills took excellent care of me.”
– Amy W.
“Friendly and interested in my reason for visiting the practice. My specific pain and particular areas of pain. The reason I thought may cause my pain — any and how I obtained any relief: assurance, the doctor, intended to relieve my pain and its cause.”
– Kathryn J.
“Patient and attentive to narrow down exact condition, and treatment. Good surgery experience for me.”
– Christopher F.
“Professional and nice.”
– Willard S.
“I have been seeing Doctor Mills and also Doctor Watson. I have been most pleased with the care they have shown me, like most busy Physicians you don't always see them on time, however all good things are worth the wait. Thank you again to the Staff and Doctors at Ortho SC.”
– Craig K.
“Felt that he carried about my pain”
– Jerry A.
“Dr.Mills has been one of my physician’s for over 11+years now. He’s monitoring my disc degenerative disease, other bone disorders, and also monitoring my cervical & lumbar regions for acute injuries-after falls & accidents (for which there are many) & although he has not performed any surgeries, I referred my husband, & he’s done three- very successful operations on my spouse. He is a carrying, polite, & a wonderful surgeon. He also has the best PA., in all my years working in medical profession & being a patient, that I have ever encountered! She has more patience than I’ve never seen in a physician, over & beyond in explaining my husband surgery & recovery process in every detail.. together Dr.Mills & his PA., are “Batman & Robin to battling spinal injuries+disease!” Highly recommend Dr.Mills for cervical & lumbar issues.”
– Janet M.
“I had a great experience with the whole staff. Dr. Mills took care of my sciatica problem right away! I feel like a new person being able to do normal activities without pain. Thanks again, Dr.”
– Danny T.
“Dr. Mills was very informative and very patient.”
– Donna B.
“After experiencing pain, magnitude 9, for more than six weeks, the relief I felt post-injection was heaven. The staff and Dr. Mills were friendly, warm, and efficient. I will return to them if at some future date the should return. A very big Thank you!”
– Linda V.

Neck Reviews

“I would like this memorandum to serve as my thoughts and memories that led me to Dr. Mills and the staff at Conway Medical Center (CMC). On September 10th, I got involved in a severe automobile accident. At a stop at a red light when my vehicle was rear-ended by an SUV that weighed approximately 1,000 pounds more than my car. I was driven 30 feet into the intersection, and I suffered severe whiplash. Both vehicles were total losses. I tried self-treatment with cold packs and warm compresses. It did not help. I tried physical therapy. It did not help. I denied myself that I would eventually need surgery because I thought that I would gradually get better. I was also in fear of the operation, after reading and studying what got entailed with the surgery. I prayed. Jesus led me all the way. To Maryland and my family, where I recovered from a bad emotional experience. To my wife. To South Carolina. And eventually to Dr. Mills. I prayed for Dr. Mills. I looked into three different surgeons. They were qualified, but it still did not feel exactly right. Several names at Conway Medical Center got mentioned to me. I listened to my heart and soul and mind and made contact with Dr. William Mills. My wife Bonnie and I met this doctor. The interaction was profound. I might have found my man. I now knew that I was on the correct path. During the drive home, I told my wife what I was feeling as I was sitting across from Dr. Mills. I felt his evident knowledge as he explained the MRI and the procedure. His expertise came across to me; Dr. Mills has been performing these types of surgeries for 30 years. Most importantly, I felt the extreme confidence that Dr. Mills has in himself; not at all in a brash or arrogant way; just someone who has done these things for a long time and has encountered difficult surgical situations and conquered all of them. I found my man. Dr. Mills has an excellent team. His group is knowledgeable, motivated, customer-focused, and severe. My observation is that they work well with each other and with other related units. They are pleasant and friendly, but they are there to get the job done. Bonnie and I met Irene. Again, a pleasant lady who walked us through the steps. Our questions answered, and we got invited to call her if there was anything new to be reviewed. Shawn provided additional technical information. She answered all of our questions again, in a very relaxed manner. Angela kept us apprised of things as we moved forward together. She was always pleasant and patient on the phone. Whenever I called for her, I was still able to reach her promptly, or she called me back in a reasonably short period. Through the whole process, everything felt smooth and controlled, a well-oiled machine operating efficiently. After the operation, the care and attention that I received were as close to perfect as you can get. Nurses Kara and Ashley were superb. I felt like I was the only person that they were serving. Going through the discharge papers, Kara sat and read some of the instructions to me, to make sure that I understood. She reviewed the medications. I asked questions; they patiently and expertly answered. Pleasant and unrushed. After a day of being home, I thought of a few more questions. I reached Angela immediately, and my questions patiently answered. Keep in mind that all of this was happening during a very trying time in our world, the virus pandemic. The key element that runs through this whole process is Dr. William Mills. All the players are vitally important, of course, but Dr. Mills is holding that scalpel. I would not want anyone else to perform this surgery on me. Hats off to Dr. Mills, his staff, and the rest of the CMC team.”
– Robert S.
“I was having pain radiating through my shoulder, down my arm, and into my fingers. MRI showed compression of nerves at c3-4 and c4-5. After injections and exercise failed to relieve the pain, Dr. Mills recommended surgery. Once I had Surgery, all my pain is now gone. My post-op experience has been excellent. Dr. Mills took a lot of time with me explaining everything and answering all my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Mills.”
– Sidney B.
“Dr. Mills was absolutly the best. All was expained before and after surgery. All questions and concerns were answered. Dr. Mills is also very pleasant. All of ortho dept are helpful and great.”
– Tuula R.
“Went to Dr. Mills with back pain and neck pain. He was courteous, efficient, professional and knowledgeable. Staff was great. Dr. Williams did injections in my back and ACDF in my neck.”
– Joanne M.