Vincent B. Gomez M.D.

Ankle, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, and Sports Medicine Surgeon
Sierra Pacific Orthopedics - Herndon Campus
1630 East Herndon Avenue
Fresno CA 93720

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Gomez is the man. He will take the time to talk to you, and he physically shows you what's going on in your body. He is extremely personal and takes the time out of his busy schedule to call your caretaker right after surgery to let them know to pick you up. He also took the time to personally call me the day after surgery to discuss the operation further and ensure I was doing well. In his field, he is ages ahead of his time.”
– Mokhles S.
“I felt well cared for by the staff and Dr. Gomez.”
– Lester G.
“Dr. Gomez was a professional both in his understanding of my history concerning my knees, and he explained in detail the results of my X-rays. He answered many of my questions I asked him in a precise manner. He had been recommended to me.”
– William M.
“Dr. Gomez is very cordial and understanding. He answered all questions promptly and gave detailed information about the upcoming surgery. ”
– Tony C.