Todd A Borus M.D.

Hip, Joint Replacement, Knee, Mako Total Knee Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery
Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery - Legacy Salmon Creek
2121 NE 139th St
Vancouver WA 98686

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200 Northeast Mother Joseph Place
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Portland OR 97227

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Borus did total knee replacement on both of my knees. He did an amazing job on both knees. I highly recommend Dr. Borus.”
– Jane S.
“I came to Rebound, at the suggestion of a friend, after two failed knee replacements. My knee and tibia were so painful that many times, I could barely walk. Dr. Borus read my x-rays and told me: "I can fix you." Fix me he did!! I've had several follow up appointments and am always more than pleased with my treatment by the staff.”
– Diane M.
“Dating back 10 years, I walked into the hospital a full fledged cowboy with bowed legs and all. When the left knee was replaced, the bow was taken out and I become a half a cowboy. Then my left hip was replaced and I become a half assed cowboy. Following up on a right hip replacement, I went from a country music writer into a heavy metal asshole. Finally my right knee was replaced and the government changed my status as that of "a robot with a brain.". All done in 18 months. I am now approaching 82 years of age and still working in the music industry.”
– Ken M.
“Dr. Boris was very professional and personable.”
– Debi S.
“Extremely professional and efficient. Surgery completed with great care and attention to small details. Provided me with plenty of information before and after the surgery. Staff at every level of the process was attentive, caring and pleasant. I felt in very good hands.”
– Richard E.

Hip Reviews

“Dr. Borus treats me with care and respect. I have high confidence in his abilities, given that he recently replaced my right hip. I find him super-smart (his having graduated from the great Williams College), very attentive, and kind. He is a joy to see and I have confidence he is in the medical profession not just for the money.”
– Peter L.
“I had both hips replaced early last year. Throughout this process, I found Dr. Borus and his staff to be extremely caring and professional. Following surgery, someone on his staff was always available to answer questions I had while recovering. I would highly recommend Dr. Borus and Rebound Orthopedics to anyone in need of hip replacement surgery.”
– Robert R.