Tim Watt MD

Back, Neck & Spine
Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center - The Spine Center
4141 5th St
Rapid City SD 57701

Back Reviews

“Dr. Watt was great. In fact, I requested his expertise for this surgery based on a previous visit and surgery with him. I highly recommend him!”
– Terry C.
“I first met Dr. Watt 15 years ago when I suddenly experienced excruciating pain in my back that extended down my leg. He got me in right away for an appointment and determined I had a herniated disc. He performed surgery the next day and within hours afterward, I was pretty much pain-free. I diligently performed all the physical therapy and was pain-free for 15 years. In January this year, I again experienced pain in my back and leg. Again Dr. Watt's office lined up an appointment right away. This time the same disc degenerated completely and he determined it would have to be replaced with a part of the bone from my hip and rods and screws would be installed. I agreed to the surgery and a few days I had the surgery. Despite the extra precautions because of COVID, the surgery was performed perfectly. This more complicated surgery required a two-day hospital stay without visitors. The staff in the hospital performed their duties amazingly and a chef even prepared the special order meals. They promised my husband to take good care of me and they certainly did. It has been 4 months now and after carefully following the physical therapy set up by Brett L. in Sturgis, I am once again healed up without pain. I would recommend Dr. Watt and staff to anyone experiencing back pain. I can't thank you enough Dr. Watt for fixing me, not once but twice. Thank you.”
– Kathy C.
“Dr. Watt is my miracle worker. He has done three back/neck surgeries for me. I would trust no one else with something this important. The staff at this facility and the surgery center are the best of the best! Thank you.”
– Kathy S.

Neck Reviews

“I have all the confidence in Dr. watt. He performed my previous neck surgery, and I feel I’m in very experienced hands, and his staff was excellent. I go on Friday for another procedure and have the utmost confidence in Dr. Watt.”
– Randy P.
“Very happy with Dr. Watt and the entire staff from the initial UC visit to the Spine Center for diagnosis. Then the surgery and post-op visits. Dr. Watt took a very positive approach to relieve any angst about such a delicate surgery to repair the neck vertebrae. 5 Stars.”
– Dwight B.
“They all took good care of me. And Dr. Tim Watt did an awesome job on my back and neck. Thank you for all your help.”
– Barbara S.
“Dr. Watt related to my country roots, and I just enjoyed talking to the man. He didn’t push me. He just stated the facts, along with the x-rays, and let me make the decision. The surgery was the right thing for me to do.”
– Craig R.

Spine Reviews

“From the first consultation, Dr. Watt provided excellent care through the surgical procedure and throughout all the post-surgical care. I would recommend him without reservation.”
– William K.