Robert Grunfeld MD

Foot & Ankle
Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center - Gillette, WY (Main Office)
2201 South Douglas Hwy, Suite 120
Gillette WY 82718

Ankle Reviews

“Dr. Grunfeld is a patient and compassionate surgeon. He listens attentively to patient needs and concerns. He is empathetic to the journey of surgery and recovery. He is humble and confident in his abilities to assist the human body in repair. I have been blessed with Dr. Grunfeld as my surgeon on not one but both of my ankles. Because of his talent and care, I have had and will continue to lead an active lifestyle thereafter. The greatest of thanks to Dr. Grunfeld for mastering his gifts and being the best ankle surgeon in Northeast Wyoming.”
– Sarah L.
“Dr. Grunfeld was great! He made me feel as he knows what he was doing, and he ensured me he would take care of me and my problem. My surgery was a success.”
– Anna H.
“I came to this facility to see Dr. Grunfeld. I trust him completely, and he is always very respectful and listens to people, and appears to care about his patients.”
– Charmaine M.
“I really like Dr. Grunfeld. He seems to genuinely care about his patients.”
– James F.
“Dr. Grunfeld has been great working with me through an Achilles rupture repair on one leg and a calf elongation on the other. Great to talk to and always willing to answer questions. I am impressed with how well both surgeries, from traumatic injury and one as preventative, went, and their recoveries have gone.”
– Brandon C.
“All staff and Dr. Grunfeld, and nurses were amazing to work with.”
– Rory G.
“Dr. Grunfeld is an amazing doctor that got me back to running within months of me breaking several bones in my foot and tearing multiple ligaments on both sides of my ankle. I followed him from PROS because he is the best in ankle orthopedics in town. I have had minimal recovery time and minimal pain since he repaired my ankle. I highly recommend him.”
– Raelyn C.
“Dr. Grunfeld is very knowledgeable and will let you ask questions, then answers to the best of his knowledge.”
– Cheryl B.
“Dr. Grunfeld had an excellent manner and provided lots of information about surgery, post-care, and expectations.”
– Scott T.

Foot Reviews

“Dr. Grunfeld is the best. Great experience. Surgery is always scary to me. He made it a good experience, as did the staff at the surgery center. The anesthetist was also fabulous.”
– Maggie M.
“Dr. Grunfeld is courteous, explains everything, so we understand, and makes us feel very comfortable. He helped us relax and stay calm when we had to return on a Friday evening.”
– Kindal C.