Richard S Smith M.D.

Elbow, Hand, Wrist
University Orthopedic Surgeons - UT Medical Center
1926 Alcoa Highway
Knoxville TN 37920

Additional Offices

11440 Parkside Dr
Knoxville TN 37934
“Dr. Smith is a very nice person. I enjoy talking to him. Takes care of my hands very well.”
– Steve C.
“Great place.”
– Sandy S.
“Dr. Smith injected two joints in my hand for arthritis. Total 100% relief!”
– Donna F.
“Dr. Smith gave a shot in each hand. The injections have helped the pain I was having in my thumbs. I'm glad that I had my PCP make my appointment with the office. Thank you.”
– Patricia D.
“Excellent experience.”
– Kenneth H.

Wrist Reviews

“I loved having him as my surgeon. He told me how it was with my hand and informed me at my second appt that he had two surgeries he could do. He wanted to try the bone graft 1st and stated it was only a 50/50 chance that it would work. I loved that he allowed me to have options. Ill is honest. I had two surgeries with him.”
– Monica B.

Hand Reviews

“Dr. Smith removed a cyst on my right thumb. I had it drained several times by other physicians, but it always came back. It has not returned.”
– James B.
“Fantastic results from the surgery, but before surgery, Dr. Smith explained everything about my problem and what medicine could do and not do. Explained the entire process. And at surgery time, his assistant performed some of it, and I am so thankful to both of them and everyone else attending the surgery as well as the recovery process.”
– Linda B.
“Dr. Richard Smith is wonderful! My surgery went great. And in looking at other surgeons work, I'm very blessed to have Dr. Smith as my surgeon!”
– Nikki F.
“Exceptional care from a great surgeon. Thank you, Dr. Smith!”
– J J.
“I went in for my first visit and Dr. Smith was like this is what it is and the only way to fix it is surgery, but you have to decide if you are ready or if you want to wait. He didnt try to do all the procedures that other had suggested because he knew it was not gonna work. I had surgery 2 weeks later and I am on the road to recovery. Everything he told me was correct and he made sure to tell me every little thing to do to make my recovery the best for me. my experience was great with everyone in this office. Thanks”
– Debbie R.