Richard D Ferkel MD

Southern California Orthopedic Institute - Van Nuys (Main Office)
6815 Noble Avenue
Van Nuys CA 91405

Additional Offices

375 Rolling Oaks Dr.
Thousand Oaks CA 91361

Shoulder Reviews

“Very thorough, compassionate, and helpful towards my health and surgical recovery.”
– Christopher T.
“In all aspects and phases of the procedure, it was a comforting and reassuring experience. It was because of Dr. Ferkel, and his expertise and extreme knowledge of what to do in my particular case. As I understand it, my procedure was as an outpatient, but my process was more involved than expected, and I had to stay in the hospital overnight. Also, I was impressed to learn that the sling, which I had to live with for nearly six weeks, was of Dr. Ferkel's invention and design. It was an excellent tool for recovery. I am recovered and free of any awareness that I even had the problem or the operation. I am incredibly thankful for that! I have talked with other people who had Rotator Cuff surgery and have had varying degrees of results. I got told that I had the best. I feel no range limitations in the movement of my arm, and lift things as I did before the injuries occurred. Thank you, Dr. Ferkel!”
– Larry F.
“Attended to me very well and understood my line of work and how to help repair shoulder. Staff was incredibly helpful to all my needs especially sending paperwork to insurance.”
– Herlinda P.

Ankle Reviews

“Fused a portion of my ankle and bottom line the pain is gone and the bone fusion with the hardware healed properly. Feel the whole procedure was done very professionally. Definitely would recommend Dr. Ferkel.”
– George F.
“After getting three recommendations of orthopedic doctors in the SFV from a respected friend, we contacted Richard D. Ferkel, MD at SCOI for an appointment. Fortunately for me, his Physician Assistant could see me within 3 days of rupturing my Achilles tendon. She assured us that she would call on Dr. Ferkel to come in to the appointment if the injury required his expertise. It did and he responded. After getting the MRI several days later, I saw Dr. Ferkel again so he could explain the results and provide me with my options to treat the injury, which included surgery and no surgery. He carefully explained that he operated three days a week, often with multiple surgeries each day. He has a long and distinguished list of treating sport injuries for NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB players. He answered all my questions and we decided to go forward with the surgery. Surgery went well and I was provided with all the necessary information about what I needed to do to recover, including scheduled appointments with Dr. Ferkel and his competent staff, especially his Medical Assistant, Natalie Ray. I am now in Physical Therapy with a good team of therapists who are guiding me in developing a range of motion and strength in my ankle, foot and knee after over three months in a cast, then a boot (which Dr. Ferkel developed for his patients) and now a sneaker with special inserts. He and his staff are very professional and have the expertise I need to get back to my golf game and long walks!”
– Gale J.
“Dr. Richard Ferkel and the staff were fantastic for both of my teenagers this summer. He had to perform major surgery on one of their ankles and got him back on the baseball field. The other is back on the basketball court. Thank you!”
– Jennifer W.

Foot Reviews

“From the front desk to the operating room to many trips to x-ray and the casting room, everyone has been fantastic.10 out of 10!”
– James T.
“He’s one of the very few making his own house calls at 11pm, to make sure his patient was doing fine. Thank Dr. R. Ferkel.”
– Connie B.

Knee Reviews

“Absolutely first class care from initial examination, through the surgery process and on to rehab. A dedicated, professional,competent and caring staff throughout, if I had to go through it again these are the people I would want in my corner. Dr Richard Ferkel is truly a practitioner of his art!!”
– Steve C.
“Dr. Ferkel was instrumental in addressing my off-road motorcycle injury. I had a nondisplaced Navicular bone fracture, which would have required surgery. Dr. Ferkel provided options to manage recovery without surgery. He was able to qualify when and why surgery is necessary. He is the first doctor I have worked with that took the time to explain the situation without being rushed and genuinely making sure I the patient understood all possible recovery paths. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone suffering from a complicated injury and needing a consultation driven only by the patient's best interest at heart. Thank you!”
– Serafino S.
“Dr. Ferkel is friendly and kind, and he explained everything regarding my injury clearly and patiently. His expertise is apparent and his manner is warm, and I am so grateful he has agreed to do my surgery!”
– Darlene B.
“Very good.”
– James W.
“Dr. Richard Ferkel treated my knee injury. After the MRI, he called me to tell me the results so that I did not have to make the long drive to get the results. I did not require any surgery and I feel I the treatment for my knee injury was effective and professional.”
– Keith M.
“I have the highest confidence in Doctor Richard Ferkel's advice.”
– Timothy E.