Richard H. Alfred M.D.

Sports Medicine, Knee, Shoulder, General Orthopaedics, Trauma
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (12 patient reviews and ratings)
The Bone & Joint Center - Albany
1367 Washington Avenue, Suite 300
Albany, NY 12206

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6 Medical Park Drive, Suite 201
Malta, NY 12020

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Alfred is a great professional.”
– James F.
“Dr. Alfred is great. I have been having problems with my knee even after surgery, and he was really great in helping to figure out what is wrong with my knee, so I don’t have problems anymore.”
– Stephanie R.
“Dr. Alfred and the entire Bone and Joint surgical floor staff were exceptional. Excellent communication, thorough and professional staff from check-in to discharge. Highly recommend.”
– Michael R.
“If you know your body and understand what the issue is and what needs to be fixed, Dr. Alfred is a great surgical resource.”
– Andrew K.
“Dr. Alfred is a very smart and professional doctor, who's experience, insight and expertise speak for itself. He diagnosed what was wrong with my knee even though it wasn't present in the MRI and did a great job fixing my torn meniscus. I have complete trust that he will repair my ACL just as he did my meniscus.”
– Peter K.
“Dr. Alfred was tremendous and funny; he helped me to get on the right track to get feeling better.”
– Leo B.
“Dr. Alfred is a professional, and he explained everything very well. The experience was excellent.”
– Patricia S.
“He was expert and efficient. Very grateful to have been able to see him during this pandemic.”
– Claudia B.
“Dr. Alfred was able to get me in quickly and did a thorough examination and was very friendly and helpful.”
– Spencer M.
“Dr. Alfred got me in quickly for my knee ACL surgery concerns following a college sports injury last fall. Even though I had surgery outside the area near my college, he was happy to see me and help with my recovery concerns.”
– Maddie M.
“I have been seeing Dr. Alfred for years for sports-related injuries, and he is excellent! I can always get in quickly, and any follow-up or procedures are fast as well. Highly Recommend!”
– Hunter M.
“ Very professional. With everything going on, I think the staff and Dr. Alfred did an outstanding job.”
– Don C.