Michael P Nogalski M.D.

Sports Medicine, Knee, Shoulder, Work Injuries
Orthopedic Associates - Main Office
1050 Old Des Peres Road
St. Louis MO 63131

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Nogalski is kind and very knowledgeable. I appreciate his practical and realistic approach to injuries and treatment. I’ve had conservative treatment with him when the injury warranted (this time) and more aggressive, cutting edge surgery that was successful and has gained me extra life with my knee when he felt it was appropriate years ago. I trust him to do what’s right fit the situation and not just what makes him the most money.”
– Lisa L.
“Great experience great staff”
– Edward R.
“Great experience. Dr. Nogulski explained everything to me so that I understood what was happening and why. Best of all, I got better. My bone healed and I am almost back to normal. It is a great feeling.”
– Linda O.
“Dr. Nogalski was very kind, thorough, and professional. I appreciate everyone working during this challenging time!”
– Killian M.
“Dr. Nogalski was super friendly. Very easy.”
– Daniela P.
“Dr. Nogalski quickly diagnosed my problem and formulated a treatment plan.”
– Gregory S.
“I was able to get in the next day after my injury at tennis to see the doctor and get MRI that afternoon. As it turned out I had no major knee injury and Dr Nogalski said I may not see you again if you are feeling okay. Well my knee is good and I had a good experience there.”
– Kelly Y.

Shoulder Reviews

“The treatment I received and the outcome of my case, including surgery, were exceptional. Thank you, Dr. Nogalski.”
– Jeff R.

Wrist Reviews

“Dr. Nogalski was very understanding and willing to listen to my knee problems. He was patient and offered me good information. Surery went very well as did the follow up visit. My knee is doing well.”
– Sallie A.