Mark A Petrocelli D.O.

Hand & Upper Extremity Surgeon
Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron
940 River Centre Drive
Port Huron MI 48060
“Excellent experience, easy to talk to I felt very comfortable.”
– Remi H.
“Great listener. Emphatic. Answered all questions.”
– Rosemary M.
“Dr. Petrocelli was very friendly and spoke to my 15 year old son very respectfully. He was very thorough and answered questions and addressed concerns very professionally.”
– Laurie O.
“Very friendly, professional, and thorough.”
– Scott S.
“The Doctor Petrocelli explained everything. He talk to my son that's 13 like a young man. Awesome Doctor!!!!!”
– Ronald H.
“Very professional. It made me feel better when I left the office.”
– Joseph M.
“The entire staff was friendly and made sure I was making progress with my recovery. The team also took the time to help me understand my injury, why it happened, and things I could to prevent it in the future. I still do some of the exercises they taught me at home! They didn't just put me on some exercise equipment for a couple of hours. I felt like the program was tailored to my injury rehab perfectly.”
– Kevin B.
“On a hectic day for the Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron, at least two people apologized for my wait, which wasn't that bad, and one even offered me a drink of water. Everyone is courteous and friendly and determined to improve if not the exact situation. Everyone has a bad day now and then, but the smiles are never hard to find at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron. They are experts at making one feel comfortable and welcome. That means a lot.”
– Diana N.
“He is so patient and kind, explains things to you, and answers any questions you have, doesn’t try to rush you. Always a pleasure to see. No complaints.”
– Anna A.
“Very Good!”
– Norm K.

Wrist Reviews

“Dr. Petrocelli did a excellent job with the surgery on my wrist and arm and the staff was very curtesy too.”
– Dale C.