Kathleen M. Kollitz MD

Elbow, Hand, Wrist
BoulderCentre for Orthopedics & Spine - Boulder
4740 Pearl Parkway
Boulder CO 80301

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1000 W. South Boulder Road
Lafayette CO 80026
1017 West 7th Street
Wray CO 80758

Wrist Reviews

“Dr. Kollitz took the time and answered all my pre-surgery questions and concerns. The surgery went very well, and recovery is better than expected. The incision scar is very clean-looking. Appreciate her professionalism.”
– Julie A.
“I am so totally in awe of Dr. Kathleen Kollitz. My surgery was a smashing success, and I'm blessed to have hands that work again and don't hurt. My recovery was so much easier than I had imagined. I would so wholeheartedly recommend to anyone to her who was having the issues I had. She was professional, confident and made me feel very comfortable about the procedure before we began.”
– Kathryn W.
“Dr. Kollitz is excellent, skillful, highly competent as an orthopedic physician. My surgery is scheduled.”
– Judy P.
“Good experience. Dr. Kollitz answered all my questions and gave me several options for treatment.”
– Gloria L.
“Dr. Kollitz was very knowledgeable and professional. I felt as though she was sympathetic to my situation and will give me the best care possible. It was my first time seeing Dr. Kollitz and I was very pleased.”
– Shelly M.
“Dr. Kollitz was such a kind, gentle person who was very patient with me. She examined my finger-hand injury, then explained everything about it, and answered all my questions. I look forward to working with Dr. Kollitz so I can get better.”
– Julia P.
“Dr. Kollitz is very kind and thorough. She asked good questions and explained her diagnosis very well. She listened to my questions and gave easily understood answers. I think Dr. Kollitz is an excellent asset to the practice.”
– Marjorie B.

Hand Reviews

“Dr. Kollitz is not only a great surgeon, but she is also one of the more honest and direct people I've met. This is extremely important because my experience with doctors in the past is very hit or miss. There was no sugar-coating anything with her. I went in for surgery on my hand, and it ended up getting infected, likely from the original injury. So I went in for two more surgeries, one to remove the infection and re-connect the tendon from the original injury. Thanks to Dr. Kollitz, I now have a functional hand, and I am playing music again! All the staff around that facility were kind and helpful, and I hope I don't ever need to have surgery like this again, but if I do, this would be the place I would choose to go!”
– Ian F.
“What a positive experience. Having sustained a hand injury late last Sunday evening, I needed to go to the Emergency Room as the injury required immediate medical attention. A competent Emergency room MD consulted Dr. Kollitz. She responded quickly, assessed the situation, and expedited my surgery at 2 A.M. Dr. Kollitz was a consummate professional with an extraordinary personal manner, caring, warm, provided answers and explanations to all my questions, and completed the surgery, remained during my early recovery room period of time. I was confident, comfortable, and reassured by her and the O.R. team and recovery team. I'm healing well. Dr. Kollitz evaluated my hand today, and I am well on my way to recovery. I can certainly recommend Dr. Kollitz and am grateful I had the opportunity to have her on call that night. Thank you, Dr. Kollitz.”
– Anna S.
“Dr. Kollitz is a great doctor. She is highly qualified, explains everything, and is easy to understand—excellent doctor-patient relationship.”
– Pam B.