Kamil Erfanian MD

Southern California Orthopedic Institute - Bakersfield
2400 Bahamas Drive
Bakersfield CA 93309

Hand Reviews

“All of the staff make you feel at home. Dr. Erfanian is so nice and explains everything to me.”
– Keith P.
“Dr. Erfanian is concerned with my personal case. He seems like the best I could have to fill my needs.”
– Michael M.
“Dr. Erfanian was informative, thorough, personable. I left the visit very confident and comfortable with the plan.”
– Mary H.
“Dr. Erfanian was very responsive to my issue. He immediately addressed the issue and assisted in resolving the discomfort. I am scheduled for a follow-up and subsequent evaluation.”
– Robert P.
“Dr. Erfanian & Trisha Lacey were both very friendly and attentive. They explained everything very clearly. Their expertise and bedside manner is much appreciated, especially with a teenage patient.”
– Alberto M.
“Fantastic I highly recommend Dr. Erfanian. He can be trusted and is very sensitive to the Patients needs. There’s a reason why SCOI doctors work with amateur and professional athletes alike. It’s simple they put you back together the right way. Not just any doctor can be a SCOI doctor.”
– Spencer P.

Wrist Reviews

“Dr. Erfanian was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Erfanian explained everything in detail, so I knew what to expect with my care.”
– Wanda P.
“Dr. Erfanian performed surgery on my hand and two broken wrists. He is the best hand surgeon in town. I would not go to anyone else for hand surgery. He is professional and highly respected.”
– Dianne B.
“I trust Dr. Erfanian completely. He explains everything in detail and he always listens to what I have to say. He gives ample time to explain what is going on and and then listens to my concerns,”
– William S.
“Dr. Erfanian has been great with my care. I trust him, and can discuss my care with him with ease.”
– Jackie B.