Jesse C. Botker MD, FAAOS

Elbow, Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist, Hip, Joint Replacement & Revision, Knee, Orthopaedic Trauma, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Shoulder, Sports Medicine
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (13 patient reviews and ratings)
The Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic – Mankato
1431 Premier Drive
Mankato, MN 56001

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Hand Reviews

“Dr. Botker provided me with very good care. The nurses were great as well; I cannot complain.”
– Julie C.
“I had a great experience with this practice. Everyone that helped me with my surgery was professional and super friendly, especially Dr. Botker.”
– Jorae G.

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Botker really knows what his patients need and fixes their symptoms to the best of his ability.”
– Greg B.
“I would recommend Dr. Botker to anyone.”
– Kay N.
“Dr. Botker answered any questions that I had about the procedure. He conducts himself professionally but will tell you that recovery and therapy will be hard work.”
– Millie H.
“I had a knee replacement and had an excellent result. Dr. Botker has also given me joint injections over a period of years. I especially like Dr. Botker because he always knows just where to place the needle for the best result.”
– Marilyn D.
“I underwent a bilateral knee replacement which was performed by Dr. Botker. I was very impressed with his care and the outcome of my replacements. All of my pain symptoms are relieved.”
– Linda H.
“Dr. Botker gave me a lot of confidence that they would do a good job, and all staff were excellent. Dr. Botker knows his business and did an excellent job. Thank you Dr. Botker and all your staff at OFC and RiversEdge.”
– Rebecca B.

Hip Reviews

“Dr. Botker had great communication and knowledge.”
– Jorae S.
“Dr. Botker performed my total hip replacement surgery. I'm now 3 months out from the surgery & I'm very happy to report that I feel great about my physical health once again. He has answered my questions & concerns very well during the follow-up appointments. Thank you, Dr. Botker.”
– Karen A.

Ankle Reviews

“From my first appointment with Doctor Botker, through surgery, and on through the follow-ups, he was extremely professional, informative, decisive, clear in his instructions and explanations, and no-nonsense, which I appreciate. He seems to have skillfully repaired my badly damaged ankle and lower leg.”
– John A.

Shoulder Reviews

“Dr. Botker is very efficient and willing to answer questions. The surgery went exceedingly well, and I found myself in less pain immediately. He also dealt with all of the insurance/disability paperwork/restrictions paperwork within a few days of receiving it.”
– Miranda B.

Elbow Reviews

“Dr. Botker was very professional. Have me all the options, pros and cons, and then let me choose what was best for me. The surgery went perfectly, and I’m glad that was what I had chosen. The rehab team (Connie) is also doing an excellent job. Thanks to all.”
– Kevin F.