Gregory D. Dietrich M.D.

Back/Neck (Spine), Hip, Joint Replacement
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (24 patient reviews and ratings)
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Back Reviews

“Dr. Dietrich was purely professional. He thoroughly answered my questions and explained the procedures. I felt seen and heard.”
– James B.
“I have been a patient of Dr. Gregory Dietrich for many years. He and his staff have provided exceptional professional care to me through three back surgeries and two full hip replacements. I know that I would not be walking if not for them. What a blessing they are to our wonderful community and me. Thank you.”
– Shannon S.
“Excellent Dr. Dietrich is very helpful and had a great bedside manner. He is very helpful with everything he does couldn't ask for a nicer doctor”
– Robert K.
“Dr. Dietrich truly cares that I'm suffering and wants to help.”
– Natasha N.

Hip Reviews

“Dr. Dietrich replaced my right hip in January, and the hip job is excellent with absolutely no problems at all. I have had a pre-existing problem with a muscle and tendon, which were aggravated during the surgery that will be taken care of soon. All in all, I believe this guy is the best around these parts.”
– Steve M.
“Dr. Dietrich did my Left tostadas hip replacement 2 1/2 yrs ago and is still working with me to get my quality of life back, which I lost. There is still some pain in my left hip. Dr. Dietrich is helping get my life back, so I get my independence and quality of life back again I thank you, Dr. Dietrich, for not writing me off and giving up on fixing my hip it has Been a very long painful rip. Still, I have confidence in Dr. Dietrich that he will find and fix the pain. Thank you, Dr. Dietrich.”
– Felicia V.
“It could not have been better!”
– Doug P.
“Everyone was friendly and professional! Thank you for your excellent service.”
– Rachel A.
“Positive, listened to my description of my pain condition, explained the MRI in detail, showed us where he believes the problem lies and indicated his process and procedure for surgery to correct the problem. Dr. Dietrich was cautious about making sure to give us time to ask questions and provided answers giving us clarity and understanding.”
– Marilyn B.
“Great staff. Quick and kind.”
– Stailee S.
“Very informative. Dr. Dietrich laid out a plan for my injury and explained everything to my satisfaction.”
– Steve P.
– Gary S.
“Very good. Thank you.”
– Wayne B.
“I felt Dr. Dietrich expressed a genuine interest in my situation/condition and explained details to me that were understandable and relevant. His approach to my health was to attempt other rheumatoid processes first, with another physician to see if those processes might bring relief to my lower back/sciatica without a surgical procedure being necessary. I am willing to follow his direction, and we’ll see how my situation responds. I am thankful that Dr. Dietrich did not want to rush into a surgical procedure before trying other means available to bring about improvement in my case.”
– Steven E.
“I am so honored to be taken care of by such a smart, concerned, listening doctor. Who knows and is on top of his game. He is honest and explains in detail, so you understand and pulls no punches. He gives 100 percent, and I feel so grateful he is in my corner. He gives Lewiston Orthopaedics class.”
– Gena S.
“Dr. Dietrich was pleasant and made me feel very comfortable during my visit. He was very thorough and knowledgeable regarding my condition and the follow-up procedures involved. I highly recommend him to other patients.”
– Kimberly T.
“Dr. Dietrich is well informed about my condition and what steps were to come. I felt I got given all of my options. I got offered the pros and cons of all the possibilities.”
– Patrick G.
“Using my MRI and skeletal props, he explained my injury and all options of treatments that are available. I know he will do everything he can to work with my insurance company to get me the pain relief I need. I wouldn't go anywhere else for spinal problems. The whole experience put me at ease.”
– Juli S.
“Very informative and knowledgeable! It made everything easy for me to see what was exactly wrong with my back. Onboard to get it all taken care of! Thanks so much!”
– Deeann E.
“Very good.”
– Al S.
“Answered all my questions and concerns.”
– Bob A.
“He is a very compassionate and caring man.”
– Harold A.
“Dr. Dietrich did an excellent job of evaluating my back pain issue and took time to explain treatment options.”
– Mike M.
“I was glad that Dr. Dietrich actually listened to my husband and I. I have been in constant pain for at least 15 or more years. I also appreciated the fact that he thought my hip would look worse than it did, and wasn't afraid to admit this. He also said I have 2 issues going on and we would address them separately. I just wish seeing an Orthopaedic physician would have been mentioned to us years ago.”
– Traci H.