Ernest N. Chisena M.D.

Orthopaedic Trauma, Problem Fractures, Total Hip Reconstruction (Primary and Revision), General Orthopaedics
Verified Patient Rating: 4.9 (17 patient reviews and ratings)
The Bone & Joint Center - Albany
1367 Washington Avenue, Suite 300
Albany, NY 12206

Foot Reviews

“I had an awesome experience with Dr. Chisena. He was very professional.”
– Carol H.

Knee Reviews

“I have to say Dr. Chisena has the best bedside manners ever. He is amazing, and the staff is great.”
– Jessica R.
“Dr. Chisena is very professional and knows what he is talking about. He's the type of guy who instills confidence in his patients that everything will be ok. His supporting staff is very knowledgeable as well overall, a great experience.”
– Stephen O.
“Saw Dr. Chisena for a follow-up visit for my arm. Dr. Chisena performed surgery on my broken arm in October, and this was an additional follow-up to that. My experience with him is always pleasant. He is friendly and always takes the time to explain things and answer any questions I have.”
– Linda K.
“He was wonderful. Dr. Chisena spoke directly to my son (8yo patient) instead of through me. A secure bedside manner that made us feel comfortable and answered any questions. Offered a sensible plan of action that was not unnecessarily aggressive.”
– Theodore C.
“Dr. Chisena is very good and to the point.”
– Kathleen H.
“Dr. Chisena is pleasant, courteous, and punctual. He suggested we schedule an X-ray before the next follow up. It may save us an unnecessary visit.”
– Gale D.
“Everybody was charming to deal with and very helpful, answering any questions I have and very caring.”
– Ron D.
“Dr. Chisena has excellent patient care and bedside manner.”
– Joycelyn A.
“He's an excellent doctor he's seen my problem and took care of it, and he's trying to help me move forward. I'm fixing the problem. He seems caring, and I will suggest other people to this doctor.”
– Eric B.
“Dr. Chisena was very lovely. He showed me my X-ray, explained his findings, and what his determination was. Two more weeks of no weight-bearing so the fracture can continue to heal. All the staff was accommodating and professional. I do have a question about the boot I am wearing. The boot loosens in the upper area of my leg up even though I have tightened it frequently. Is that normal?”
– Dolores H.
“Dr. Chisena was incredibly kind, patient and professional. He was thorough when discussing my options and very willing to answer questions. Dr. Chisena was present before, and after my surgery when I was in the hospital and rehab.”
– Leslie A.

Hip Reviews

“Very friendly and thorough. Answered all our questions.”
– Leonard T.
“Dr. Chisena is a fabulous doctor. He treated my 7-year-old daughter, and he did a fantastic job. He was kind, caring, and thorough. He is a very compassionate doctor, and I would recommend him to anyone.”
– Abbie H.
“Dr. Chisena is wonderful! He is an excellent surgeon and easy to talk to. He cares about his patients.”
– Dorothy D.

Ankle Reviews

“My first experience with The Bone & Joint Center, and I was impressed by the efficient processes and thoughtful and compassionate care. I was squeezed in between other people’s appointments, but at no time was I made to feel that I was an imposition. Dr. Chisena and his staff were terrific, and the doctor explained the (emergency) procedure he had performed and answered my questions thoroughly.”
– Mary B.
“He answered all of my questions. Very nice and had a great attitude about my injury.”
– Kathleen M.