E Patrick Curry MD

Back, Neck, Spine
BoulderCentre for Orthopedics & Spine - Boulder
4740 Pearl Parkway
Boulder CO 80301

Additional Offices

1000 W. South Boulder Road
Lafayette CO 80026
“I had a relaxed visit, not rushed. Jeff was knowledgeable, Dr. Curry was thorough, asked me a lot of questions and wanted to know if we had any questions several times.”
– Carol H.
“I was promptly checked in. I was seated no more than 2 minutes before the doctor's assistant came out to get me. I was seen by Dr. Curry and we had an informative conversation and discussed the next steps. Everyone was professional and pleasant.”
– Donna B.
“Dr. Curry was prompt, efficient, thorough, and professional. The staff was professional and friendly. We had a great experience overall.”
– Jody W.
“Dr. Curry was precise, concise, and to the point. Feel I was treated with knowledgeably & respectfully. The receptionist/intake person was perfect!”
– Malcolm M.
– Ira D.
“Dr. Curry and assistance are very professional!”
– John P.
“I appreciated everyone’s thorough help and attention, as well as the summary, sent after my appointment. Thank you!”
– Pascal B.
“Dr. Curry answered all my questions and took the time to ensure I understood the diagnosis and the choices I had to address the situation.”
– Gary K.

Neck Reviews

“Dr. Curry was cautious in making sure he could see what was going on in my neck. After three MRIs and a CT scan, he could finally see it and show me what needed to get done. I appreciate his conservative process of decision that surgery was required.”
– Barbara K.