David M. Auerbach MD

Southern California Orthopedic Institute - Van Nuys (Main Office)
6815 Noble Avenue
Van Nuys CA 91405

Additional Offices

19950 Rinaldi Street, #100
Northridge CA 91326
375 Rolling Oaks Dr.
Thousand Oaks CA 91361
“My name is Venus; I am a patient of Dr. Auerbach and PA Danielle Reinoso. Dr. Auerbach, Danielle Renoso, and staff Sara (front desk), Amy and Samantha. They have provided me with excellent service and patient care. I cannot express how it felt to walk into Dr. Auerbach's doctors' office and get welcomed. All staff treated me like any other patient and made sure that I received the best care possible. In my current situation, I cannot express how much this meant to me. Their kindness and overall treatment of me made it easier to cope during this challenging time in my life. I felt my voice got heard for the first time, and I knew that I was in good hands. The office staff is the module example of patient care and service. Their service, kindness, and treatment were life-changing for me, and that is important to patients like me. Thank you, Venus.”
– Venus M.

Elbow Reviews

“My 2nd surgery with Doctor Auerbach shoulder and elbow and my daughter had her shoulder surgery with him. We both went back to our activities as planned after the surgery (me tennis, my daughter swimming D1 school). Doctor Auerbach and his staff are great.”
– Per H.
“Dr. Aurabach and PA. Danelle Renoso have provided astounding service. Not to mention that the overall staff is well trained and treats all patients with respect and dignity. I cannot emphasize how good it felt to find Doctors and staff who treated me just like any other patient and made sure I received the care I needed. Coming here made the last two years of my treatment better for me because I was treated with respect, kindness and unbiased care. That is important to patients especially ones in my position. Dr. Aurabach and PA. Danielle Renoso, Amy Asis, Sara Front desk, Samantha Kordosh and staff all deserve recognition for their Astounding service. Thank You”
– Venus M.
“I always have the best experience when I see Dr. Auerbach, and all the staff is lovely.”
– Claudia B.

Hand Reviews

“Very professional. All the Doctors and staff members were super.”
– Craig R.
“Dr. Auerbach is the best.”
– William R.