Daniel T. Phelan M.D.

Sports Medicine, Knee, Shoulder, Trauma
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (15 patient reviews and ratings)
The Bone & Joint Center - Albany
1367 Washington Avenue, Suite 300
Albany, NY 12206

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6 Medical Park Drive, Suite 201
Malta, NY 12020

Knee Reviews

“My experience with Dr. Phelan today was ok. I have to see him again in two months. I hope the pain and swelling in my right knee will go away, but I have to see what he will do in the next two months. Dr. Phelan is a very good doctor, and I like him dearly.”
– Juann H.
“Dr. Phelan is always friendly and takes the time to explain things.”
– Tracy W.
“Dr. Phelan and his secretary Stacy have been the most caring, attentive, and concerned providers I've had the pleasure of dealing with in a very long time. I enjoyed being treated as a human being with eye-to-eye contact while talking and having all my questions/concerns handled, whether in person, on the phone, or via email.”
– Margaret F.
“My daughter had an excellent experience with Dr. Phelan in regards to her appointments and her surgery. Although she is only 11, he treated my daughter with a lot of respect by talking to her, explaining the process to her, assuring her of what may hurt/what may not, and drawing her pictures to look at as he explained her surgery process. After seeing him today for her post-op appointment, she got in the car and told me how much she liked him. Trust is huge, and my daughter felt so comfortable with Dr. Phelan that she had zero worries, was extremely calm and confident on surgery day. She is healing so nicely, with no complications, and thankful we found a great surgeon. Thank you.”
– Helayna F.
“Very good, the staff was all awesome, and the doctor took the time to explain and give advice on how to make me feel better.”
– Enkeleda C.

Shoulder Reviews

“Very good experience with Dr. Phelan before and after surgery. He took the time to explain my condition, why the surgery was necessary, and what to expect. In the follow-up after surgery, he explained and showed me what I could do and how to do it. So far, my condition is as he described. Dr. Phelan is a good guy.”
– Rich S.
“Dr. Phelan is attentive and listens to concerns. Excellent bedside manner.”
– Elizabeth B.
“I felt very comfortable and welcomed by Dr. Phelan. He was thorough in his explanations and focused on all of the small details I spoke about. He was very kind and sensitive to the pain I was feeling. Certainly one of the friendliest doctors I’ve seen. I was very pleased with my experience meeting Dr. Phelan today.”
– Sophie H.
“I saw Dr. Phelan to diagnose & treat knee & hip problems after being seen at Malta Medical Emergent Care. He reviewed my records and examined me and suggested treatment options and we came up with a plan.”
– Karen D.
“I was there for left knee pain waited a while but then has examined, had an x-ray done doctor then gave me a shot, cane, and knee brace. Oh, course, a follow-up appointment, and direction regarding PT.”
– Debra V.
“Dr. Phelan was tremendous, and during this pandemic, I was in and out of The Bone & Joint Center quickly.”
– Eugene R.
“Speedy assistance. The staff was very compassionate. I would recommend this practice to friends and family.”
– Ann D.
“Dr. Phelan took the time and explained what was causing my pain as well as drew a diagram which was very helpful and then what the options were and what he would recommend as the course of treatment. It was an excellent experience. This was my first visit with Dr. Phelan and I felt very comfortable and would definitely recommend to others!”
– Sue M.
“Great! Love, Dr. Phelan!”
– Lawrays M.
“He was great, very informative made me very comfortable.”
– Susan B.