Christopher D. Glezos M.D.

Hip and Knee Reconstruction, Total Joint Care
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (15 patient reviews and ratings)
Sierra Pacific Orthopedics - Herndon Campus
1630 East Herndon Avenue
Fresno, CA 93720

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Glezos was personable, listened, and addressed my concerns.”
– Sandra Y.
“Dr. Glezos is concerned and answered all the questions we had. He provided further tests to determine whether something needs attention.”
– Juan C.
“Tasha and Dr. Glezos are amazing.”
– Yet O.
“Dr. Glezos is personable. He very effectively described what to expect. I appreciated that he called my husband himself.”
– Colleen M.
“Dr. Glezos is a man of few words but great skills.”
– Stephen M.
“Dr. Glezos was very pleasant and easy to converse with. Answers all questions or concerns. I am very pleased with the results of my knee replacement. Would like him to do my next knee replacement surgery.”
– Jim P.

Hip Reviews

“I have had over 15 orthopedic surgeries. This surgery with Dr. Glezos was probably the best experience I have ever had.”
– Dale R.
“Dr. Glezos explains everything that’s going to be done in detail. The surgery was great, with little to no pain. My medications and aftercare were explained. I have no complications. His NP also explained meds and post-op on my second-side hip.”
– Sherrie N.
“Dr. Glezos was as professional as it gets. I have my other hip to do and definitely want him to do it.”
– Patrick L.
“Dr. Glezos is amazing. He goes through every option available. He did my hip replacement surgery in July, and I was up and walking the next day. He cares about his patients and is always available. The procedure he uses in surgery leads to a very quick recovery, and I would highly recommend him to people of all ages.”
– Chris H.
“Dr. Glezos took a lot of time to explain the options I have and the details of the surgery. He was great.”
– Ryan G.
“Dr. Glezos was very good; he explained everything to me. Also, he advises me to follow up with my doctor for my leg on the right side cause my blood flow is not very good. I knew about that but was afraid to have it done on that leg. Very happy with that doctor's advice to me.”
– Guadalupe M.
– Gonzalo R.
“Dr. Glezos was professional, cordial, but direct and yet seemed to care about me and as a new patient. I was very impressed and grateful to have Dr. Glezos as my Orthopedist.”
– Deborah D.

Ankle Reviews

“Dr. Christopher Glezos repaired my Foot/Ankle, and I wanted to thank him for saving my foot sincerely. He was clear with communicating and explaining my injury/break. My experience with him gave me all the confidence I needed to trust that I was in great hands. Regarding the staff, every person on their team from checking in to our simple interaction was professional, and to me, that experience provided me the comfort I needed. I thank God through Jesus for calling on Dr. Glezos and staff to assist people like myself with repairing and recovering from my broken ankle. Thank you all so much!”
– Derek M.