Bart McKinney M.D.

Ankle, Elbow, Foot, Hand, Knee, Shoulder, Sports Medicine
Appalachian Orthopedics - Johnson City
3 Professional Park Drive
Johnson City TN 37604

Foot Reviews

“Dr. McKinney is a great doctor. He has helped me a lot. I still have a road to travel, and I hope that he will travel that road with me. I hope that he can get my foot better. His nurse Leslie is the sweetest person ever. This place is awesome.”
– Deborah D.
“I think Dr. McKinney is one of the best.”
– Gerald H.
“Very good.”
– Waymon W.
“Dr. McKinney is knowledgeable, gave me a choice of treatment. He treated the problem, while I was there, my wrist and hand already have some improvement. Thank you, Dr McKinney.”
– Bobby H.
“Dr. McKinney is knowledgable and capable. He is one of the rare MD’s who seems to care genuinely, but who also is efficient and professional without being brusque.”
– Penny M.
“Dr. McKinney was patient and took his time to make sure I understood everything.”
– Judith T.
“Dr. McKinney was great with my son and explained everything we needed to know.”
– Tyler N.
“Saw Dr. McKinney in the hospital after a dreadful fall in my home, injuring my head and shoulder, lucky it wasn’t my neck or back! I went into the hospital by the Trauma team, so I had no idea when Dr. McKinney was, he is fantastic and will come back to him if I ever have an orthopedic need!”
– Gail C.
“Excellent, very well pleased.”
– Robert L.
“Very knowledgeable. Explained things in understandable terms. Everyone I came into contact with was accommodating.”
– Frank A.

Shoulder Reviews

“Dr. McKinney took time to explain everything to me and called to check up on me.”
– Brenda B.