Andrew S. Morse M.D.

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Total Shoulder and Elbow Replacement, General Orthopaedics, Trauma
The Bone & Joint Center - Albany
1367 Washington Avenue, Suite 300
Albany NY 12206

Additional Offices

3757 Carman Road
Schenectady NY 12303
“Dr. Morse is very kind and helpful made sure we understood what he was talking about.”
– Carena B.
“Dr. Morse was very professional and knowledgeable about my concerns; he knew right away about my shoulder pain. He mapped out a plan in hopes that I was to forgo surgery, he injected my shoulder. I feel better my left arm is moving better; I am continuing twice a week with PT. I continue to have high hopes that I can manage to move forward with my shoulder pain. Bone spurs are nothing to be taken lightly. I will continue to exercise daily to make sure I do all that I can, thank you again Dr. I’m so fortunate to have met you.”
– Kim B.
“The procedure went better than expected. Dr. Morse explained each process thoroughly so that I knew what to expect. All are attending my issue were very friendly, excellent work ethics.”
– Anna L.
“Always courteous, thorough, and felt comfortable with decisions made with my care.”
– Patricia A.
“In to exam room on time 9:30 AM, Dr. Morse started the exam at 9:50, almost unheard of! Rapid diagnosis after listening to description and asking questions. Gave me a shot, which within minutes started improvement! Twenty-four hours for full effect, but very optimistic, will solve the issue.”
– Tom D.
“Dr. Morse is a terrific and great sense of humor.”
– Jillian G.
“Good bedside manner.”
– Donna F.
“Very informative! Great bedside manner!”
– Joseph S.
“Dr. Morse was very personable. I couldn’t be happier at this point. I look forward to meeting with him again to discuss future options for my condition.”
– Tony L.
“Exceptional! I received my x-ray results immediately.”
– Susan R.
“Amiable staff and Dr. Morse was very informative and helpful.”
– Joseph H.
“Excellent, he was personable, efficient, and professional.”
– Jane R.
“Dr. Morse was great, very easy to talk to as well as efficient.”
– Jessieann S.
“This guy is fast, thorough, and professional.”
– Bill M.
“Dr. Morse put me at ease, I was anxious about treatment that I could receive, and his attention to this made the experience more tolerable. Thank you, Dr. Morse.”
– Coleen F.
“Dr. Morse was very engaging and professional. He understood my problem immediately and set me on the road to recovery.”
– Rob B.

Wrist Reviews

“Very knowledgeable. Dr. Morse spent time explaining the condition and upcoming procedure. After surgery, Dr. Morse called my wife and was very happy that he didn’t have to repair a ligament in the elbow, which the MRI was suggesting. Dr. Morse was very genuine and connected with my wife and me. Much thanks to his skill set and the patient experience he provided!”
– Gregory J.
“In the past, I got seen by other doctors and was not happy. I felt they were not interested in getting to the bottom of what was bothering me. I changed doctors and found Dr. Morse. I saw him for a few different issues. He has always taken the time to find the problem and come up with a solution. I appreciate his efforts when handling my questions. I am happy I found finally found a kind and caring doctor that I can count on!”
– Marina H.