Timothy A. Burd M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 5 (13 patient reviews and ratings)
13616 California Street
Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68154

Back Reviews

“Dr. Burd is a very competent surgeon. His staff is very helpful. I would definitely recommend him if you have back issues.”
– Katherine B.
“Dr. Burd was outstanding.”
– Frank S.
“Dr. Burd has been straightforward and amazing throughout the whole process.”
– Tyler B.
“Everything was great with Dr. Burd.”
– Brent T.
“Dr. Burd handled my cervical fusion six years ago and my L5/S1 fusion a month ago. Should there be a need for further procedures, I will always come back to Dr. Burd. The scar from the cervical procedure is nearly invisible. Strangely, I am often complimented (credit to Dr. Burd) on how inconspicuous it is. If I didn't show people the scar, they would not even know it is there. I am looking forward to my six-week follow-up.”
– Thomas S.
“After trying physical therapy, chiropractors, deep tissue massage, and exercise, I came to see Dr. Burd. I was in the absolute worst excruciating pain for four straight months. I had an MRI that revealed a herniated disc in the L5-S1. Dr. Burd immediately gave me a choice of a shot to block the nerve pain or surgery. Since I had already done months of research, I promptly opted for back surgery and begged for it to happen quickly. Dr. Burd and his entire staff are so amazing. They all understood the pain I was experiencing and took all the time I felt needed to talk about it. Most importantly, they scheduled me for surgery and were able to get it approved by my insurance company within a couple of weeks. The morning that I arrived at Nebraska Spine and Pain Center for the surgery, every single nurse was very kind and tended to every need that I had. Dr. Burd made me comfortable and is the nicest guy. He explained each surgery step, and the next thing I remember is waking up pain-free. Hallelujah. I am almost a year and a half post discectomy and feel amazing. If I ever have to do it again or know somebody in need, I absolutely recommend Dr. Burd and Nebraska Spine and Pain Center. I am forever grateful for all of them.”
– Jodi E.
“Dr. Burd always provides the best care and is an exceptional surgeon.”
– Dennis S.
“I have the utmost trust in Dr. Burd. He explains everything well. Since he had back surgery, he really knows how you feel. My first surgery was over ten years ago, and I healed fast with minor pain.”
– Ralph P.
“Dr. Burd is concentrating on me; I feel as if I am his only patient.”
– Patty D.
“I fractured my upper back and had an infection in that area. Dr. Burd did not want to do surgery unless necessary; he let me know that it was better if my back healed on its own. However, Dr. Burd did surgery on my lower back several years ago, and I was pleased with the results.”
– Phyllis K.

Neck Reviews

“Dr. Burd is the best. He knows the science. He is an amazing surgeon and a very pleasant person.”
– Ken C.
“Dr. Burd is the best. He takes the time to understand the problem and then fixes it. This is my second surgery with Dr. Burd. I trust him.”
– Elizabeth G.
“I only have great things and praise about Dr. Burd; I couldn’t be more grateful.”
– Cynthia K.