Ronald S LaButti DO, FAOAO

Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma - Tulsa – CityPlex Clinic
2406 East 81st Street, Suite 290
Tulsa OK 74137

Knee Reviews

“Dr. LaButti is the Best of the Best. He is a pure professional who gave me a chance when no other doctor would help me in Tulsa. I hold him right up there with God.”
– Patrice L.
“I enjoy Dr. LaButti because he’s straight forward with me and he takes good care of me.”
– Carolyn R.
“Dr. LaButti has been my ortho doctor since around 2003-2004. He has always been professional, but friendly. As a fellow medical professional he knew I was familiar with my health/joint issue but he still explains things just like he would with someone that isn’t a medical professional.”
– Daniel H.
“I will forever be indebted to Dr. LaButti, because of his attention to detail during his assessment of my medical records, a rare disorder was discovered. Dr. LaButti realized that there was not an explanation for a pulmonary embolism I experience. Because of his insistence, I was examined by a hematologist, I was diagnosed as having a rare blood disorder. I am truly grateful!”
– Charles S.
“Dr. LaButti is always courteous & professional. Dr. LaButti did an earlier procedure, and I’ve been thrilled with the results. I came back today for right knee pain & we have a management plan in place. Dr. LaButti has alleviated my concerns completely.”
– Beverly C.
“My knees are fine, Dr. LaButti provided good follow up after surgery.”
– Mike D.

Hip Reviews

“Dr. LaButti did a left THR on me. I could not be more pleased with the results. Dr. LaButti is the best.”
– Cate B.
“Dr. LaButti and the staff are a great bunch of people.”
– Michael B.
“Dr. LaButti really listened to me and understood what I had to say.”
– Debra A.
“Dr. LaButti was very helpful and told me what was going on in my knee.”
– Paul T.
“Dr. Labutti and his staff are always very friendly, and the wait time is not very long at all. I would recommend his services to everyone.”
– Sherri L.