Robert A. Cheney M.D.

Back, General Orthopaedics, Neck, Spine
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The Bone & Joint Center - Albany
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Albany, NY 12206

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Back Reviews

“Dr. Cheney did an excellent job with my surgery and has relieved me of all pain.”
– Christopher W.
“I had fantastic results. I was suffering from low back pain for many years and the suggested surgery with Dr. Cheney was successful. My care has been professional and helpful.”
– Damian M.
“My recovery from the surgery has been unbelievable. I want to thank Dr. Cheney and his whole staff. Thank you for bringing my life back to normal. The surgery was a total success. Thanks, Dr. Cheney.”
– Francis S.
“Dr. Cheney is awesome. He has done two procedures for me now. He is a very down to earth individual who makes everything smooth. I highly recommend Dr. Cheney.”
– Eric T.
“Always a great experience! Dr. Cheney takes the time to explain everything carefully, he even shows you your X-ray, to further demonstrate what’s happening. I have a follow up with an MRI scheduled. I feel safe and confident that my condition and complaints got taken seriously.”
– Nanette C.
“Dr. Cheney is the consummate professional and is always attentive, informative, patient, and strives to provide answers in a manner that is clear and precise. Dr. Cheney has an extraordinary bedside manner and is always courteous, kind, and polite! He is well-informed and passionate about his field of work and exudes intelligence and confidence in his approach to care and ensuring the patient is aware of outcomes and expectations. If only all medical providers were like Dr. Cheney, the world would be an incredible place!”
– Belynn L.
“Dr. Cheney is an excellent Doctor and extremely easy to talk too. One of the best I’ve ever had in the Medical profession. A great communicator and very personable.”
– John L.
“Fantastic experience. Office staff very helpful. Dr. Cheney was friendly and took his time to explain everything and didn’t push for surgery. Very happy to meet a doctor like this. I wish there were more like him. I highly recommend him!”
– Lisa L.
“I have been suffering from horrendous pain from a bad back for several years and have been to several surgical teams with no resolve. In one initial visit, Dr. Cheney explained more to me about the complexity of the issue and has already laid out a course of treatment to see where it leads. Thank you, Dr. Cheney for making me feel like a person and not just another appointment on the schedule.”
– Ronald F.
“Dr. Cheney was very personable and reviewed the MRIs that I had sent from previous doctors before introducing himself to me. He came in and noted my occupation and complimented my job, sharing how a similar type of service has touched his life. I found that to be humbling and comforting. He did not make me feel as though my issues were due to my weight, but we did agree other items were. He took the time to explain and listen and gave me some alternatives to help rather than making me feel as though I was doing everything wrong and that I needed more treatments or surgeries. He came right out and told me that more treatments are a waste of money if they are not sufficient.”
– Diane P.
“Dr. Cheney listened to my concerns and answered my questions. He provided me with some exercises and PT script. I’m glad to have peace of mind that I don’t have anything pressing to worry about.”
– Spencer F.
“The first visit with Dr. Cheney, I liked his attitude and demeanor. I will be continuing my treatment with Dr.Cheney. I genuinely hope he can bring me some relief.”
– Pete J.
“He had an excellent way of putting it. I'm getting older as a very active 55-year-old adult. The joints are not as young as I want to believe they are. Being walked through my x-rays and the doctor's demonstrations of flexibility in my spine and back pain areas. It makes sense. It sucks growing old!”
– Julie S.
“Dr. Cheney was charming. He explained things so I could understand what the problem was. The whole experience was 100%. The staff were excellent and made my visit comfortable. Thank you.”
– Patricia S.

Neck Reviews

“I always love seeing and speaking to Dr. Cheney. I always leave there very happy.”
– Joseph C.