Philip G McDowell Jr. M.D.

Joint Replacement, Joint Revision, Knee, Orthopedic Trauma, Shoulder, Sports Medicine
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (20 patient reviews and ratings)
University Orthopaedic Surgeons - West Knoxville
11440 Parkside Dr
Knoxville, TN 37934

Shoulder Reviews

“I was happy with my experience with Dr. McDowell. He was very knowledgeable about what he was doing.”
– Brenda O.
“Dr. McDowell has been a very attentive and friendly doctor. He takes time with me, answering all my questions. I am very pleased and highly recommend him.”
– Debbie C.
“Always friendly and professional. Very attentive and willing to listen to any questions I may have. They have been there for me throughout the entire process.”
– Paul H.
“Dr. McDowell did a reverse shoulder replacement on my left shoulder on Feb. 18th. I feel as if I fully recovered. I occasionally get a twinge at the end of the motion, but I'm not concerned with that as I have a full range of motion. Very pleased with my outcome. Dr. McDowell did an excellent job.”
– Stan R.
“Dr. McDowell was easy to talk with and answered all questions. I requested to get pictures, and he accommodated my requests. He is aggressive with PT, which has helped me to regain the use of my arm after shoulder replacement quickly. I would highly recommend Dr. McDowell.”
– Daniel O.
“A very positive experience overall provider has excellent backup from staff who do a fantastic job with scheduling and answering questions. They are all very personable and caring.”
– Janity R.
“I received excellent care from Dr. McDowell and the staff! The surgery went great, and follow up care has been outstanding! I would recommend Dr. McDowell to everyone needing orthopedic surgery. Thank you for the excellent care!”
– Leonard S.
“I was a little late arriving due to parking, but I had my blood work done and still was taken back to see the doctor on time. The person taking me for an X-ray was charming, and I had a short wait to see Dr. McDowell. He gave me plenty of time to answer my questions and was encouraging about my recovery time. I feel I had an excellent experience.”
– Ethel B.
“Very professional and positive.”
– Dan S.

Elbow Reviews

“Dr. McDowell is very friendly.”
– Dawn B.

Knee Reviews

“Dr. McDowell did a knee replacement. The surgery went without any complications, and he provided great care afterward. He listens.”
– Rebecca C.
“I’m always very pleased with Dr. McDowell and all his staff. I could not ask for any better care. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks.”
– Kevin L.
“Dr. McDowell and all who work with him are wonderful. Time got taken, compassion, expertise info, quick responses to any call to the office, or messages online. Dr. McDowell has operated on me three times FC ankle, later removed hardware, and lastly, knee replacement. I recommend him to all I talk with about my experiences. You are lucky to have him.”
– Laura M.
“I received all the relevant information for my continued recovery. Information got presented in a very understandable way.”
– Jim S.
“Dr. McDowell listened to my problem and explained my options, then provided excellent care.”
– Nancy E.
“Dr. McDowell took the time to listen to my concerns and complaints before he told me what his plan of action would be. He also understood that I only wanted surgery to be a last resort.”
– Diane O.
“Dr. McDowell was very helpful and explained why I needed to have an MRI and then explained to me the finding I will recommend him for anything ortho needs.”
– Tammy I.
“I had shoulder pain for months. I got given a cortisone shot, which gave my body time to heal the injury without surgery. Very pleased not to be rushed toward the surgical route.”
– John Q.
“Most respectful and quickest visits I've ever been to. Excellent doctor wonderful staff great people all the way around.”
– Daniel P.
“Friendly. He answered all my questions.”
– Rosemary A.