Paramjeet S Gill M.D.

Hip & Knee Replacement & Revision and Knee Arthroscopy Specialist
Verified Patient Rating: 4.9 (22 patient reviews and ratings)
Sierra Pacific Orthopedics - Herndon Campus
1630 East Herndon Avenue
Fresno, CA 93720
“I received excellent care from the staff at the surgical center. Every aspect of my preparation for surgery was explained in great detail. The anesthesiologist’s explanation of his process and ingredients purpose surpassed any other in my experience. My recovery from Dr. Gill’s replacement of my knee is going very well. Thank you all.”
– Lynne A.
“Dr. Gill is a great surgeon. I trust him completely.”
– Syd R.
“In and out within an hour, Dr. Gill explained everything very well to me. Lab x-rays everything was quick and easy.”
– Vicki B.
“The visit was quick, and the staff was polite and professional. The doctor was very clear and explained everything perfectly.”
– Alfredo L.
“Dr. Gill’s staff has been wonderful to me. They have helped me through this process in a very caring manner. Dr. Gill came highly recommended and did not let me down on my first visit with him. He was compassionate and patient while I asked all my questions. I walked out of the office, feeling very comfortable with my upcoming surgery.”
– Karen N.
“Everything was great!”
– Thelma C.
“He was very informative. Answered all my questions very pleased with his kindness.”
– Richard M.
“I am a new patient I am having a hip replacement on January 28th, but so far my experience has been great. I hope my experience will stay the same all the way.”
– Jose M.
“Dr. Gill was very informative and answered all questions.”
– Ace M.
“Dr. Gill is easy-going in his manner and it was easy to talk with him. The PAs were informative. I am sure that the knee replacement surgery was performed with a high degree of skill. The therapists were very good--they knew what they were doing. My knee is doing very well, with no problems.”
– Alfred E.
“This is my second knee replacement and all is good after 6 weeks. Yes still more exercising to continue, but all is going great at this stage of recovery. My first knee, done 3 years ago, also by Dr. Gill, is doing fine as well. Not only did the surgeries go well, but the entire office is knowledgeable, prompt, and a pleasure to deal with. Hardip Rahal, Dr. Gills P.A., is also wonderful to work with. The convenience of having ancillary services (e.g. xray, labs) under one roof and electronically tied is a benefit some people will find helpful and a time saver. There is NO waiting on results and NO worrying or trouble trying to get an outside lab or office to send the results over. Thanks to everyone for your professionalism, knowledge, and skill.”
– Sharon A.
“Office staff is very organized, very professional, and demonstrate that they truly care about the patient. Dr. Gill answered all my questions thoroughly, I have full confidence in Dr. Gill and his staff.”
– Carlos N.
“Great Doctor.”
– Susan S.

Hip Reviews

“Hip replaced. Dr. Gill did an outstanding job.”
– Normand G.
“I was very happy with Dr Gill and the office and surgery center”
– Gail I.
“Total hip replacement could not have gone any better! I have been in the medical business in Fresno for 35 years, been in all hospital and Surgical centers in the Fresno area! Would not put my Orthopedic needs in any other groups hands!”
– Tom B.
“I am grateful for the hip replacement and expert care provided through and after the surgery.”
– Allen L.
“Dr. Gill did three surgeries on me. The first was a total hip replacement on left hip joint in 2004. The second was a total hip replacement on the right hip joint in 2012. And the third was a revision hip surgery of the first one done in 2004, done in July of 2018.”
– Suzanne K.
“Dr. Gill was friendly concerned and interested in how I was doing after surgery.”
– Zana F.

Knee Reviews

“This second knee replacement performed by Dr. Gill and his staff I have been very pleased both times.”
– Scott P.
“I was in there for my four year check up after knee replacement surgery. Dr Gills assistant saw me and I was very pleased with my visit.”
– Gail H.
“Dr. Gill and his staff are incredible. The experience and execution of surgical services are second to none. From pre-surgical consultation to post surgery care, their experience, knowledge and professionalism allowed me to be confident in the experience. The caring and friendly staff were there for any questions and followed through to be sure I was taken care of as quickly as possible. Dr. Gill and his PA were great to talk to pre and post surgery. They answered all questions fully and were patient and professional throughout the entire procedures. I would recommend them wholeheartedly and feel blessed to be under their care!”
– Bill D.