Michael A. Flaherty M.D.

Elbow, General Orthopaedics, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Sports Medicine, Trauma
Verified Patient Rating: 4.9 (16 patient reviews and ratings)
The Bone & Joint Center - Albany
1367 Washington Avenue, Suite 300
Albany, NY 12206

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Shoulder Reviews

“Everyone at The Bone & Joint Center and surgical centers are professional, kind, and caring. I would highly recommend them to anyone, especially Dr. Flaherty.”
– Danielle L.

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Flaherty is amazing. He listens to me and addresses my needs and concerns.”
– Lori B.
“Dr. Flaherty listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. He took his time during my exam and was very thorough.”
– Elizabeth P.
“What a wonderful group of people! Everyone was so helpful, took us right away, and resolved our issue. You listened to us and were so helpful. Thank you for everything you do.”
– David S.
“Dr. Flaherty was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, and answered all my questions.”
– Gordon B.
“Great experience with Dr. Flaherty today. Very friendly and listens when he asked what I was there for. I didnt feel rushed. I could barely bear weight on my knee when I went in, and when I left, my pain had decreased by probably 75%! I wished I had got seen sooner. The office had an appt for me within 24 hrs. Very impressed!”
– Pat P.
“Outstanding. Informative and always looking out for the patients best interest. We appreciate his personality, doctor/patient relationships!”
– Kimberly W.
“Dr. Flaherty is professional, respectful, and thorough. No complaints.”
– Suzanne T.
“Dr. Flaherty was thorough, knowledgeable, and compassionate. He explained the urgency for an MRI (tomorrow) in conjunction with my symptoms and the difficulty with walking and my inability to straighten/bend my knee, and I appreciate him for taking the time to explain what could be the problem.”
– Lois L.
“Dr. Flaherty is the best Doctor at the Bone and Joint Center.”
– Gabrielle A.
“Thanks for seeing me so quickly. Dr. Flaherty gave me a thorough exam that was straight forward and honest.”
– Daniel M.
“Excellent service!”
– Peter F.
“Wonderful doctor with great knowledge. Highly recommmend!”
– Andrew W.
“He was very empathetic and thorough. Great bedside manner!”
– Amy G.
“I got diagnosed with a treatment plan on the first visit with confidence based on knowledge and experience. Wait time was not wrong, considering the volume of patients they see.”
– Regina A.

Hip Reviews

“Dr. Flaherty was very informative and helpful. He explained our options and explained each one thoroughly.”
– Marilou B.