Mark E. Rogers M.D.

Elbow, Joint Replacement, Knee, Shoulder, Sports Medicine
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (18 patient reviews and ratings)
OrthoAlabama Spine & Sports – Birmingham
1801 Gadsden Highway
Birmingham, AL 35235

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Shoulder Reviews

“Dr. Rogers is knowledgeable and friendly.”
– Beatriz A.
“Dr. Rogers has that rare set of skills that can make a surgeon extraordinary. He has the vision and experience to diagnose a problem accurately. He has the surgical skills to complete complex surgeries successfully. He also has excellent communication skills, without arrogance, allowing him to relate to his patients. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone experiencing orthopedic issues.”
– Tony B.
“Very good surgeon. Explains everything very well. Takes his time, very personable.”
– Jon F.

Knee Reviews

“I had a pleasant, educational, and helpful visit with a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff, including Dr. Rogers.”
– Randall P.
“It would be a great honor to detail my experience!! Dr. Mark Rogers is brilliant, kind, and trust-worthy. He educated me on what needed to happen to my knee, what he would have to do to fix it, and had so much patience with me when I was out of sorts from my incident. In surgery, He put my knee cap in place and fixed the front ligament that keeps it in place. He then told me that I would have to wait to heal from this surgery before replacing/mending my other ligaments. During my check-up visits, he was compassionate to me and my family. I then had the second surgery, he was punctual and put me and my mom at ease before I had to go in. The surgery was a success! Dr. Rogers recommended me to a really great physical therapist and I was walking roughly after 5 months of surgery. He encouraged me and lifted my spirits! My check-up visits to Dr. Rogers were thorough and fast. He accommodated my discomfort at times and recommended various knee braces. He has been very understanding regarding my incident and whenever I needed any documentation, he provided it without a question. I will never forget him and the great service he and his staff provided. You are blessed to have him on your team. I give him the highest recommendation!”
– Cristela T.
“Dr. Rogers is very informative, responsive to my recovery problems. He's a wonderful and compassionate surgeon.”
– Patricia D.
“Dr. Rogers provides excellent customer care.”
– Deborah M.
“Dr. Rogers' bedside manners were excellent. He seemed very interested in my problem with my shoulder. I can't thank him enough. If and when I have surgery, I would recommend his practice to anyone.”
– David B.
“The most seamless doctor visit I have had. Check-in is self serve and super easy to navigate. The staff and Dr. Rogers was super efficient and helpful. I could not believe how many individuals were involved with this visit. Each staff member completed their part of the visit and the next person was in the room almost immediately. I am on to surgery next. I am sure it will be handled in the same clear and consistent manner as the office visit.”
– Donald H.
“Dr. Rogers was very easy to talk to. He listens to what you have to say, also doesn’t have the big head. Dr. Rogers gives you options on what routes you can go for treatment. Dr. Rogers has been one of the best doctors I’ve seen.”
– Clytez F.
“Great front office staff. Very fast and efficient check-in procedure. Dr. Rogers was empathetic, extremely knowledgeable and listened to all my concerns. I have surgery planned for next week. I have complete confidence in him.”
– Debi H.
“Dr. Rogers was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. The staff was very efficient and welcoming.”
– Helen V.
“Dr. Rogers was excellent.”
– Carol J.
“Dr. Rogers seemed very straight forward and down to earth and really nice.”
– Phillip H.
“Dr. Rogers was very professional, as well as personable. He diagnosed my shoulder problem and very patiently answered my questions regarding “what next”. I am very pleased with his care.”
– Janice W.
“My experience with Dr. Rogers was very nice. They made me feel that they cared for me and were willing to help.”
– Mary M.
“Dr. Rogers explained injury, x-ray, and answered all my questions. Made me feel comfortable. Everyone in the office was nice, friendly & prompt. I was accompanied by my daughter and she was also treated with the same kindness.”
– Fredaleen C.

Hip Reviews

“Dr. Rogers explained everything involved in my surgery and recovery. He was never in a rush, he had time for any questions.”
– James G.