Leigh S Brezenoff M.D.

Hip, Knee, Orthopedic Trauma/Fractures, Pediatric Orthopedics, Shoulder, and Sports Medicine
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (24 patient reviews and ratings)
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Torrington, CT 06790

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Knee Reviews

“Dr. Brezenoff was efficient and did a great job. He is very skilled, and I was surprised by how quickly I was done. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”
– Mary S.
“Dr. Brezenoff is a great guy. Very personable, friendly, and explains everything clearly. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”
– Savannah S.
“Dr. Brezenoff is the best! He’s calming, extremely knowledgeable, and gives the patient his undivided attention. He offers what’s wrong, what are the options, everything upfront for the patient's awareness—highly recommended professional.”
– Paul S.
“ Excellent physician. Very caring and explains everything you need to know about the particular medical problem.”
– Helen R.

Shoulder Reviews

“I had a total shoulder replacement. Dr. Brezenoff and his team were phenomenal from step one until after the surgery. I couldn’t have asked for a more experienced doctor. His office staff were great at setting up post-surgery care for me and made things less stressful.”
– Michael B.
“Dr. Brezenoff was very concerned with the issue that I was having. He assured me that he would do his best to fix the problem. Hopefully, I will do as well with this repair as I did with the last.”
– Fran T.
“Dr. Brezenoff has repaired my rotator cuff on my right side, and now I have fallen, and I have to have a complete rotator replacement. Dr. Brezenoff has gone over everything that can be done before rushing into a surgery. Thank you, Dr. Brezenoff.”
– Susan M.
“I consider Dr. Brezenoff to be very professional, and with his patients, he also tells him things with affection and respect. I recommend him to other people.”
– Denisse R.
“Dr. Brezenoff and PA Kristen were fantastic.”
– Chris M.
“I am thrilled to say that this service was excellent, and I would recommend it to everyone who needs help with getting results for arthritis pain and truthful treatment of my condition.”
– Lois V.
“I've seen approximately three orthopedists so far and Dr. Brezenoff seems to be the best. Thank God I found a good doctor this time!”
– Christene F.
“Professional, knowledgeable, organized regarding time management, encouraged questions and made my visit a pleasant experience. I would refer others to the practice!”
– Victoria B.
“Dr. Brezenzoff was very helpful and compassionate.”
– Norma H.
“Wonderful staff! I enjoy being taken care of even though we all are going through uncertain times. I had incredibly bad pain in my shoulder down to my forearm, Dr. Brezenoff assured me I was going to live, and I didn’t do too much damage physical therapy is all I need. I am grateful for all he did for as well as the rest of the staff. Thank you”
– Linnea L.
“He took the time to listen to how I described what I was feeling. He tested my shoulders to determine and confirm that he understood the problem, which was supported by x-rays. He put forward his course treatment, which I agreed to. All around, I was comfortable with all aspects of care and treatment.”
– David B.
“Dr. Brezenoff is patient and caring. His easy-going personality makes me very comfortable. When my mom broke her hip, his compassion and advice helped us build a tough decision. His entire office is beautiful, and I say that without exaggeration.”
– Angelina V.
“Friendly staff and Dr. Brezenoff was friendly and helpful.”
– Christina S.
“Dr. Brezenoff was straight to the point and suggested treatment steps at this time. I trust him with my treatment going forward with me.”
– Matthew P.
“Dr. Brezenoff was professional but personable. He did not rush the examination and explained my diagnosed condition thoroughly. He was not quick to push further tests or potential surgery without trying non-invasive therapy and non-prescription meds first. I would recommend him to anyone with shoulder pain that’s persistent.”
– Douglas M.
“First time at the office, I didn’t know what to expect - everyone was friendly and helpful. The wait was short, as well. An overall pleasant experience! Thank you!”
– Mary G.
“Delightful staff and went out of there way to work with me. Very happy and they were very professional thank, you Dr. Brezenoff.”
– Frank G.
“Best experience seeing a medical professional ever! Pleasant staff, no wait time, immaculately clean waiting areas. The doctor was exceptional and to the point and informative. He was not condescending in any way. I would highly recommend this practice to others.”
– Stephanie H.
“I met with the Dr. to discuss my knee issues. I found out that I didn’t need surgery! Very happy!”
– Kevin P.
“Informative with good advice.”
– Henry M.