Kelley E. Banagan M.D.

Spine, Trauma, Neck, Back
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (16 patient reviews and ratings)
The Bone & Joint Center - Albany
1367 Washington Avenue, Suite 300
Albany, NY 12206

Neck Reviews

“Dr. Banagan is amazing. She is very thorough. I came in a mess, and I felt confident in her abilities to help me throughout the process. I am feeling better and on the road to recovery. Thank you.”
– Laura H.
“Dr. Banagan is very professional and personable and I would recommend her to anyone. She listens to what you have to say and explains things fully so that you understand what is happening and what will happen.”
– Sherri P.
“Dr. Banagan is a wonderful doctor. She takes the time to be sure you understand all that is going on. Dr. Banagan is a very friendly person. We are lucky to have found her.”
– Elizabeth D.
“Dr. Banagan listened, asked questions, and showed compassion and understanding. Dr. Banagan explained all of the tests in detail and created a detailed plan with follow up. Everything was exactly what you want/need when in pain.”
– Tricua R.
“It was our first visit today, and it was great. My daughter was nervous, but the staff was welcoming, and so was the doctor. And the safety precautions were on point. Thank you!”
– Genevieve C.
“Dr. Banagan was very lovely and made sure my son, who is 18 months felt comfortable! The service was also fast and efficient!”
– Camden M.
“Thank you, team, you are great. All the staff was friendly and kind to us, especially with my daughter. Dr. Banagan helped us to have an appointment with the knee specialist on the same day after she evaluates my daughter's spine. It was amazing. Thank you very much! Great job!”
– Marcelo P.
“It was significant and beneficial. Dr. Banagan was up and beyond.”
– Angela G.
“Our appointment was on time started earlier than our scheduled time. Dr. Banagan took plenty of time to talk with us about Myles’ condition and answered any questions we had. Very considerate, personable, and thorough! Dr’s assistants were also very kind and worked in a timely fashion!”
– Courtney M.
“Dr. Banagan was great. She gave me hope in dealing with my pain issues. The pain program/meds she put me on has worked really well.”
– Marie T.
“My first visit to your office with my 13-year-old daughter. Dr. Banagan took the time to explain the issues and made my timid daughter comfortable. We look forward to continuing care with Dr. Banagan.”
– Ava E.
“My experience with my care provider was extensive and informative for my condition.”
– John B.
“She thoroughly explained all options available and listened to our concerns and what worked so far with good results. It will take time for a complete recovery.”
– Roseanne M.
“Dr. Banagan was very informative and presented the findings of Ethans scoliosis in an attentive way. She was extremely receptive to answering my questions and very approachable.”
– Erin R.
“Dr. Banagan was fantastic, very personable and excellent with kids. Highly recommended and I am so glad that my daughter was referred to her.”
– Cheryl C.

Back Reviews

“Dr. Banagan is an outstanding doctor. She is straight forward, caring, and kind. She will get back to you in a timely manner too. Before having back surgery she was very thorough and gave me all of my options. The surgery was a success and I am so happy to have her as my surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Banagan!”
– Gina M.