Jeffrey M. Tuman MD

Sports Medicine, Ankle, Elbow, Knee, Shoulder
Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - Eugene
55 Coburg Road
Eugene OR 97401

Additional Offices

3377 RiverBend Drive, 3rd Floor
Springfield OR 97477
“Dr. Truman is great. He really listened to me when I told him I had some things I needed to complete before surgery, and he gave me all of my options and explained the options to me. Also, he was very understanding when I explained I own a business and can’t just have surgery immediately; I have to make sure I have my affairs in order before taking a long time off of work.”
– Ryan H.

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Tuman did an outstanding job on my knee replacement surgery. After 8 weeks, I am pain-free and walking normally. I had very minimal swelling and no bruising on my knee and leg. He basically gave me my active life back after suffering for years from debilitating osteoarthritis. I would highly recommend Dr. Tuman and hope he is available when the time comes when my other knee needs replaced. Thank you, Dr. Tuman, for helping me walk pain-free once again.”
– Cameron F.
“Dr. Tuman was great. He listened, he took the steps necessary to find the problem and scheduled the surgery needed to help me get back to walking with no pain!”
– Holly W.

Shoulder Reviews

“Dr. Tuman has been excellent.”
– Dee G.