Jared T. Roberts M.D.

Anterior Total Hip Replacement, Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip and Knee Revision, Trauma
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (24 patient reviews and ratings)
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Knee Reviews

“Dr. Roberts was pleasant and very thorough at my post-op visit. He answered all my questions satisfactorily and gave me solutions to my post-op concerns.”
– Deborah M.
“Dr. Roberts cares for his patient and goes above and beyond. He doesn't rush you out of the appointment, he listens to his patients. I appreciate all the help Dr. Roberts has given me with my 2 total knee replacements. I would totally recommend him to anyone in my family or any of my friends. Thank you, Dr. Roberts”
– Kelly M.
“I had a wonderful experience two total knee replacements four months apart. I am feeling wonderful from the first consult to Anthetesia, surgery, recovery, nursing staff, Pt, Ot. I got treated great. Home in 24 hours back to work with no pain. Thank you.”
– Jacqueline F.
“I met with Dr. Roberts once before the surgery to replace my left knee. He efficiently explained the operation and what I could expect. His assistant, Mandi, answered any of the extra questions I had and returned my phone calls the same day. Surgery went well, and I am two weeks out. I have complete confidence in Dr. Roberts and his staff. Albany Medical Center was terrific, too.”
– Debra F.
“I had a full right knee replacement this past Monday. Dr. Roberts has previously in the office explained the procedure, his secretary Mandi was helpful leading up to my surgery. The morning of my surgery Dr. Roberts met with me before the surgery to answer any questions and assured me all was going to be okay. He was able to ease my anxiety and fear of the operation so that I knew I had made the right choice to finally have the surgery and have Dr. Roberts as my doctor!”
– Bridget F.
“I had a partial knee replacement in late last year with Dr. Jared Roberts. I would highly recommend him for his excellent knowledge, bedside manners. I trusted him to get the surgery done with a pretty fast recovery. I was able to complete my PT ahead of time and so far pain-free and full movement. I would send family and friends to see him.”
– Marilyn K.
“ Dr. Roberts answered all of my questions and is very professional. He cares about his patients.”
– Robin S.
“Dr. Roberts is a fantastic doctor. I trust him throughly with my knees.”
– Jeanette V.
“My experience was fantastic, starting with staff at check-in/out. Dr. Roberts was a great caregiver. He is an expert doctor and builds a relationship with patients. His care was extremely useful, I feel great already. We should have more doctors like him.”
– Dhiraj S.

Hip Reviews

“Great experience with Dr. Roberts. He made having hip replacement surgery easy.”
– Christine B.
“ Dr. Roberts has replaced both my hips and has now revised my left knee. I cannot tell you enough how pleased I am with the outcome of the hip procedures, literally walking the next day after the process out of the hospital. I would, and have recommended Dr. Roberts to anyone suffering from hip pain; he is “the best.””
– Henri W.
“Very professional, very attentive, I didn't feel rushed. The outcome has been great.”
– Lou S.
“My procedure went very smooth based on Dr. Roberts knowledge and experience.”
– Dennis M.
“Dr. Roberts is the worlds best Surgeon! Thank you!”
– Marion U.
“Dr. Roberts is very kind, patient, and knowledgeable. My surgery went exceptionally well as did my recovery. Couldn’t ask for any better.”
– Dorothy G.
“Dr. Roberts and his staff at Bone and Joint center are exceptional. I had a total hip replacement last year, and my care was excellent. I would highly recommend using Bone and Joint center for all your orthopedic needs. Thank you for giving me back my quality of life!”
– Michael F.
“Dr. Roberts Is the best; he went above and beyond with me!”
– Antonio F.
“Dr. Robert's and staff are the best people I have dealt with for my hip replacement. They diagnosed my problem right from my initial visit. I had to come from Florida to get the best medical services. Florida was telling me I had arthritis and I would have to deal with it. Thank you Dr. Robert's for your professional expertise.”
– Patricia J.
“Excellent preparation for hip replacement, anterior approach minimized swelling and pain, excellent followup.”
– Victor S.
“I had both of my hips replaced, and the experience and professionalism displayed by Dr. Roberts and his staff, especially Mandi, was terrific. I called Mandi with concerns before and after surgery, and she was very prompt in getting back to me. And we all know that’s not always the case.”
– Stan B.
“My experience with Dr. Roberts was excellent. Dr. Roberts performed a total hip replacement on me. I was pleased with the process, and to my surprise and delight, I did not even spend a night in the hospital. I would recommend Dr. Roberts to anyone.”
– Randy C.
“Dr. Roberts did a great job on my hip replacement; I walked out of day surgery with no issues. I was careless two days after the hip replacement and fell and broke the femur just below the hip replacement. Dr. Roberts was on the phone with me 2 or 3 times that morning, he was out of town and still stayed in contact with me. He came in on a Sunday morning and fixed my leg so that I could get back home and start healing again. I have to say never once did Dr. Roberts ever make me feel like the dummy I was to do this to myself! All he ever said was take it easy you have a longer recovery, and I’ll see you in three weeks. I caused a lot of work for Dr. Roberts, but to him, it was just another day at the office! I have had two operations with Dr. Roberts and two services with Dr. Zanaros all with The Bone & Joint Center, a total class act, I would never consider going anywhere else!”
– Tony F.
“He is the best!”
– Kim L.
“Only the most professional provider I know.”
– Jaqueline G.