Eugene E. Curry M.D.

Foot and Ankle, Sports Medicine
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (22 patient reviews and ratings)
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Foot Reviews

“Dr. Curry has done three foot surgeries for me over the years. He explains what needs to be done, what the surgery will entail, and what the recovery requires. Very methodical each time.”
– Yvonne A.
“Dr. Curry is fantastic. He's easy to talk to and takes care of any questions or concerns. I've already recommended two people to him. So glad he fixed both of my feet.”
– Brittany P.
“I think Dr. Curry is a gifted surgeon! He did a very difficult surgery on my Achilles and another rupture on the side of my foot. I was misguided by my original ortho doctor when the injury occurred and suffered for three years. He was able to do corrective surgery and a tendon transplant to give me a pain-free walk. I’m still in physical therapy but I am on track to have my life back! Thanks to Diane his assistant and all the staff has been amazing!”
– Deanns C.
“Dr. Curry called me and told me I needed surgery! Very personal phone call! Surgery went well staff did a terrific job prepping me prior to surgery and calling me the next day. Felt supported all the way around.”
– Jamie S.
“I was very nervous and afraid the surgery was going to cause a lot of pain. I was so surprised! Everything was top notch and I had absolutely no pain! I would not hesitate to make this decision again!”
– Sara D.
“It was absolutely wonderful, from the check-in person all the way to the lady nurse who took me out to the car following surgery. An incredibly efficient process and staff.”
– Dominick S.
“I could not be more pleased both with the care I received from Dr. Curry and his entire staff and the outcome of my surgery. I first went to see Dr. Curry about 6 months after surgery on my right big toe joint by another doctor. I had been doing physical therapy for 3 months and it was getting worse, not better. I went to the original surgeon about my continued pain and lack of progress rehabbing and his response was live with it or surgically stabilize the toe. I wondered if there were other options so contacted Carrell Clinic and they suggested Dr. Curry. When I met with him he immediately made me feel like I'd made the right decision to trust him with my toe, LOL. He looked at my x-rays, said the implant previously installed had failed and he could and would fix it. AND HE DID! My surgery was scheduled for a week later (end of Nov) and by the end of March, I was walking normally with almost no pain. I was even able to wear (and walk-in) a pair of 2" heels for my anniversary on the 27th of March. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Curry and how kind and helpful everyone on staff was to me. Praising him here on this site is the best way I know how to say "Thank You" for fixing my toe.”
– Kathy H.
“After having continued pain after a foot surgery done by a podiatrist, I saw Dr. Curry for a second opinion. He did end up performing two surgeries to try and correct the damage done by the podiatrist who did the first surgery. He was always very pleasant, thorough and showed a definite concern for my issues I had been experiencing. Prior to seeing Dr.Curry, I was in constant pain and unable to walk for long periods. Since the surgeries he performed, I’m pretty much back to my normal life style with very little to no pain. I can’t say enough about Dr. Curry and his staff and would highly recommend seeking treatment from him.”
– Susan W.
“Dr. Curry is very professional and I respect his medical decisions regarding my care. I recently had bilateral mallet toe surgery which has been a success. Dr. Curry is a "matter of fact" doctor but honest, and detailed regarding the care he has provided for me. His staff did a wonderful job following up with my care and offering suggestions for pain when unable to take regular pain meds. Very helpful. I have seen him on numerous occasions. I would recommend Dr. Curry at any time including the Carrell Clinic.”
– Juana W.

Ankle Reviews

“Dr. Curry was excellent. I liked the way he communicated well and used the injury as a teaching moment when he did the evaluation. He listened closely, was patient, and very kind. He took excellent care of Noah.”
– Amanda F.
“I live in Midland, TX (350 miles away from Dallas) and the trips were well worth the experience. Dr. Curry was very knowledgeable and presented options for surgeries. Timely and the most professional doctor, nurse, staff, and hospital experiences I have had. I was very impressed and happy with the results and expectations!”
– Mike M.
“Excellent results from Tibia Tendon replacement surgery. Dr. Curry is the best!!”
– Joan P.
“Second ankle surgery w Dr. Curry. I could not be happier with the results. Attentive, polite, and a great listener, and available !!”
– Gary D.
“My care as a patient was very professional. My needs were always addressed and give utmost attention. Dr. Curry's office always help me handle any paperwork I need for my job, insurance, etc. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery.”
– Linda K.
“Dr. Curry performed ankle reconstruction surgery one year ago on my ankle. He gave me enough information that I needed before surgery. I was fortunate enough to see him on each follow-up appointment, and he was responsive to my questions. Dr. Curry always encouraged me in my recovery.”
– Mary C.
“Dr. Curry sat down and discussed the problems I was having with my foot, and he had a printout of my Xrays. Dr. Curry explained what surgical procedures he would perform to correct my foot problems. Dr. Curry is very nice, he did surgery on my wife’s foot 18 months ago and it helped her.”
– Eugene C.
“Dr. Curry was very helpful.”
– Eva F.
“Third time to see Dr. Curry and he is so nice and thoughtful. He explains everything so my understanding is satisfied.”
– Allen G.
“Always an outstanding experience!”
– Pete G.
“Dr. Curry answered all of my questions and provided a plan & timeline that was helpful.”
– Paul M.
“Dr. Curry is very knowledgeable and personable. Very happy with his staff.”
– Robert S.
“Dr. Curry answered all of my questions very thoroughly. I'm very grateful for his expertise. Thank you so much. I will be in touch.”
– Lisa H.