David C. Napoli M.D.

Elbow, Hand, Wrist
EmergeOrtho: Blue Ridge Division - Hendersonville
800 Fleming Street
Hendersonville NC 28791
“My husband and I liked how Dr. Napoli gave us all options for my elbow injury very clearly. It made our surgery choice so much easier. On the day of surgery, he was with me the entire way through. He saw me pre-op, then was in ER telling me what he was doing to get me ready, then again communicated with us both post-op very clearly.”
– Karen P.
“Very thankful for Dr. Napoli. He is professional, kind, respectful. I had an immediate feeling in my middle finger as soon as the surgery was complete (and numbness wore off). I am hopeful for no more pain, and my first finger & thumb will recover with time. The surgery went smoothly.”
– Tamra V.
“I had a very pleasing visit with Dr. Napoli, and I was well-satisfied.”
– Donald Y.
“Dr. Napoli was very personable. He was easy to understand, and he explained everything. Dr. Napoli administered medication without any pain. I said it was just like the doctor who pulled my tooth. No pain. I'll be back if I have more trigger fingers. Excellent doctor. I recommend Dr. Napoli.”
– Shirley G.
“Dr. Napoli never wastes your time. He gives you options to help with your problem and the sound reasons behind each. He always asks what you think and never forces anything on you. I have been very happy with his services, both surgically and in office.”
– Vicki W.
“Dr. Napoli is the best! He explains in a way that is easy to understand, and he really cares about your well being. He’s a 10 on a scale of 1-5.”
– Gerry F.
“Dr. Napoli was very polite. He explained everything, and he also asked questions. He listened!”
– Lorraine R.
“Professional, knowledgeable, and very proficient.”
– Robert H.

Hand Reviews

“I had an excellent experience with Dr. Napoli.”
– Ditte H.
“Dr. Napoli is an expert in his field of orthopedic hand surgery. Gave me a shot between my fingers of Cortisone and did it so well I honestly did not feel a thing. He also did both of my carpal tunnel surgery. I am proud to say I have had no problems in the two years since my surgery. Would highly recommend this doctor.”
– Patricia M.