Cory Czajka M.D.

Orthopaedic Trauma, Problem Fractures (Non-Unions, Infections) General Orthopaedics
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (5 patient reviews and ratings)
The Bone & Joint Center - Albany
1367 Washington Avenue, Suite 300
Albany, NY 12206

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6 Medical Park Drive, Suite 201
Malta, NY 12020

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Czajka is an excellent doctor.”
– Karen C.
“Refreshing to feel I am in good hands. And being treated by another ex-athlete is nice. For we get the can I play mindset yet?”
– Shane P.
“Dr. Czajka was great! He treated us like family and made sure all of our questions got answered. We instantly felt comfortable with him and knew our 2-year-old daughter was in great hands! We will always recommend him to anyone in need.”
– Evelyn Y.
“Dr. Czajka was great.”
– Jaclyn O.
“My daughter came in for a broken arm. Dr. Czajka was courteous, responsive. The explained issue, treatment direct to point. No complaints.”
– James C.