Bryan J. Beardsley M.D.

Hip, Joint Replacement & Revision, Knee, Shoulder
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (21 patient reviews and ratings)
Lewiston Orthopedics – Lewiston
320 Warner Drive
Lewiston, ID 83501

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Beardsley is very personable and informative. He listens to the patient's concerns. I highly recommend him.”
– Lisa R.
“I had a total knee replacement. Dr. Beardsley explained the procedure thoroughly and with compassion. In the visits after the surgery, Dr. Beardsley answered my questions and concerns completely and informatively.”
– Linds B.
“I had a very good experience with Dr. Beardsley.”
– Jerry S.
“I like Dr. Beardsley, he explained what needed to be done, and I have the utmost confidence in him.”
– Debbie R.
“Very informative and personable.”
– Jennifer W.
“Very professional, efficient, and Dr. Beardsley was very knowledgeable and friendly.”
– Sherri N.
– Kathleen E.
“Dr. Bryan Beardsley was friendly and focused on my needs and asked many questions related to my hip function and pains. He clearly explained his diagnosis and recommendations re surgery. Dr. Beardsley answered my questions and carefully addressed my concerns. He was very thorough and put me at ease. I was utterly pleased with this visit.”
– Richard H.
“Dr. Beardsley is lovely, explained everything, and walked me through what he saw in my x-rays and MRI results.”
– Ashli M.
“Very informative. Verbalized the ethical and possible bad aspects of the surgery I am pursuing. No pressure. They seemed to want to do what was in the patient's best interest.”
– Diana H.
“Dr. Beardsley is experienced and offered me all the options.”
– Rose B.
– Gareth H.
“He replaced my right knee a few years ago. I feel much better. Now he is helping me to tide me over until I retire to have shoulder surgery.”
– Wendy T.
“I liked how conservative the doctor was and how he was mindful of the cost of an MRI. He was thorough and didn’t rush.”
– Tara L.

Ankle Reviews

“Dr. Beardsley is very personable. He did an amazing job on my ankle. Thank you, Dr. Beardsley.”
– Nicolas R.
“It was nice to get treated like a person, not a number. Thank you for that alone. It is more appreciated than you will ever know or understand.”
– Bryan B.

Shoulder Reviews

“Knowledgeable, answered my questions honestly, explained terms and why we did certain things, asked if I had questions. I felt comfortable and safe with Dr. Beardsley. I trusted him. I would recommend him to others.”
– Marytheresa S.
“I rarely saw Dr. Beardsley, most of my appointments were with Greg. But when Dr. Beardsley did see me, he was very interested in my questions and answered them fully. I was impressed with his patience with all my questions. He did a great job and I am in physical therapy now on my way to full recovery.”
– Kristi U.
“I've had very little pain or swelling with both my left shoulder and left knee surgeries. Recoveries from both have been far better and faster than other medicines I've had over the years. Thanks to Dr. Beardsley and the Lewiston Orthopaedics team, I can confidently recommend them.”
– Dale R.
“I've had several surgeries. Dr. Beardsley did beautiful work on my left shoulder. I was able to sleep in my bed on day three after surgery, and recovery was quick and virtually painless. I do recommend him as a surgeon.”
– Dale R.

Hip Reviews

“Dr. Beardsley is 5 star in all ways: fantastic surgeon, cares about his patients, and is very precise.”
– Larry A.