Benjamin W. Burkett M.D.

Spine, Back, Neck, Hip, Joint Replacement & Revision, Knee, Shoulder, and Wrist
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“I fell off a 16 ft. cliff and broke my humerus bone right in half. I went to two different hospitals and the last one told me that I just needed to keep it in the sling and it would heal on its own. I was scared, confused, and really angry at my experience. Then we got a call from Dr. Burkett and he wanted me to come because he wanted to do surgery. I was never so thankful as I was at that moment. He did an excellent job and my arm is out back together and it's comfortable! I felt like he wanted to help me rather than just doing it because it was his job, which was what I experienced at the other 2 hospitals. I'm very thankful for his reaching out and I would highly recommend him!”
– Alayna L.
“It was so good. I very much appreciated all the people who were involved and the doctor.”
– Terry D.
“I went to urgent care in January in Florida, and they diagnosed me with something to do with something unrelated to my hip (they did not take x-rays of my bone, whereas you did). However, I am sure it was the same thing as diagnosed by Dr. Burkett. So I was thrilled with a diagnosis, and it seems that all is better now without anything other than the inflammatories that I took that Dr. Burkett prescribed. Very happy and very reasonable price. Thank you!”
– Richard G.
“Dr. Burkett is very patient and listens to what l had to say. Explain my options thoroughly.”
– Antoinette L.
“Very knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Burkett explained everything and showed me the x-rays as he described the issues I had with my back.”
– Margaret C.
“The service provided was fast and friendly. The diagnosis I received from Dr. Burkett was reliable; the real test for A+ quality relies on the cost of my knee brace.”
– Eddie H.
“Dr. Burkett is excellent with kids.”
– Aaliyah N.

Back Reviews

“I was very scared at first, but in a matter of minutes, the caregivers and Dr. Burkett made me feel like I had been there many times. I thank them all for their kindness and professionalism.”
– Debra D.

Knee Reviews

“My experience with Dr. Burkett was excellent.”
– Mahala H.